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  by metraRI
Even tho not Metra, new cars will be seen in Chicago come next year. Last month, NICTD placed an order for 14 new bilevel EMU's... similar to those delivered to Metra not too long ago.
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  by byte
Interesting the way they've grafted low-level doorway into the "blind" end of the car. I wonder if Metra could incorporate this into future orders - putting doors on the ends and doing away with the ones in the middle. They might be able to increase passenger loading speed and increase car capacity at the same time.

  by Tadman
I'm going to have a real problem if they put the big NICTD logo on the side and hide the CSS logos, along with no orange striping. I don't care who owns the damn train, nobody can pronounce NICTD and those not from around town have no idea what a "NICTD" is anyway. Slap the usual South Shore decals where they belong and throw some orange paint on the window bands...
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