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  by 4 Express
For the 1st time in life (unfortunately not in service) I saw a train of ACMU's cars north of Mount Vernon West on ths siding when I was heading home from White Plains, it really a shame, the cars are being vandalized, although I must admit, it does look pretty cool, that is under all the vandalism.

  by DutchRailnut
yup their being vandalized but then who cares their going to Ohio for scrap, and nobody wants to die pretty ;-)

  by Otto Vondrak
FICX 1136 was spotted in Selkirk Yard last night, sandwiched between two idler flatcars.


  by R384149
i have npics of the graffitied 1100s(i jus gotta get the pix hosted).

  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
Saw 2 1100's in North White Plains Yard on Sunday 10/2. They were just below the Virginia Road crossing behind a diesel. They were in about the same location that the 2 cars that were going to the DRM were laid up.

  by Otto Vondrak
Ooopsie! CSX put a couple of ACMU's on the ground last night (10/20) while switching out a cut of M-1's in the West Yard at Croton. This morning the two offending cars 1102 and 1141 were still askew, but crews were already at work assessing the damage and looking to rerail. No one was hurt in the incident.

  by vingong
Hi everyone,

I have just joined as a member, so now I can share with you pictures I've taken. I have recently posted pictures from the ACMU trip last year. I know it's a little late in the game, but at least we'll see them again in happier times.



  by FL-9-Chic

I had a siting yesterday, Monday October 24, of one ACMU car with some graffiti at Highbridge, hooked up to what appeared to be a couple of MU-1's.

- Tali

  by FL-9-Chic
The ACMU I spotted at Highbridge was # 1146. This was confirmed again on Oct . 27 after passing by on my way to Yonkers.


  by li7039
have all ACMUS gone bye-bye to the scrapper

  by Terminal Proceed
There are a few acmu's left hanging around - but NONE in reserve for passenger use. They will all be scrapped.


  by Kurt
still one in North White Plains, with most of the windows popped out, and covered in graffitti

  by District D RTC
The ACMUs are currently being used as "idler" cars. That is to say that each time a set of 6 M-1's is sent out west for scrapping, there is an ACMU at either end. This is done mainly because CSX doesn't want ANYTHING to do with the transit style couplers on the M-series cars.

A set just left for the scrapper last week. SO far, as each set has left, the ACMUs have returned to take away more scrap M1's. Not sure if this trend will continue.



  by Otto Vondrak
MN 1077 was dragged in to Croton East Yard, I saw it there on Thanksgiving Day. Anyone know, will it be cut up on site or trucked away? I doubt that thing can roll on its own wheels, it was built in 1950, doesnt that run up against the FRA's rule on 50-year-old equipment in interchange service? 1077 is the last remaining example of the St. Louis Car. Co. order that NYC placed in 1950 for the original ACMU's.

Anyone know when it was converted to garbage service? When was the car last used? I've seen 1077 languishing in the weeds for the last 15 years or so.

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