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  by RearOfSignal
Tommy Meehan wrote: Any other station (anywhere) that has a river flowing under it?
During Sandy a lot of stations had rivers flowing through them. Not sure if that counts.

It would have been interesting to see how Downtown Yonkers would have looked if the river had not been moved and buried, but rather maintained and beautified. Here's an old map, it's barely readable due to resolution though...

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  by Tommy Meehan
That's an interesting map. Thanks for putting it up. The link says it is from 1851. The Hudson River Railroad was still brand new!

The problem with the Saw Mill River downtown was, by the 1900s it had become heavily polluted. Fixing that problem by cleaning up the river was probably not possible at that point in time. Back then the experts believed that rivers flushed themselves out. Probably wishful thinking!

During Sandy I know the Yonkers station was flooded. I didn't get down there -- the whole area was closed off -- but the nearby Board of Ed building was flooded so I presume the station was too.

I know the Tarrytown station was flooded. Waist deep at one point. Then I think they briefly reopened it, discovered mold, and had to close it again. It may still be closed.

By the time Sandy barreled through, after twenty-one years of using the Tarrytown station almost every single day, my commuting pattern had changed. I no longer use it or even see it. Is it still closed? I mostly wonder what happened to Danny the newsstand guy. When I have time I have to stop by. His business had nosedived after the 2008 recession and never really recovered. The flood and mold might've been the last nail in the coffin.

He used to say to me, "I don't know why I still bother to do this."
  by kitn1mcc
it amazing how many Ponds were just named mill pond back in the day
  by Tommy Meehan
There were a lot of mills!
  by BobLI
LIRR East Rockaway station has a "river" flowing under the platforms.
  by Tommy Meehan
A mud slide near Glenwood is causing some delays to Hudson Line trains this morning as Metro-North is single-tracking through the area.
Due to the collapse of a retaining wall at an apartment building above Metro-North tracks, a serious mudslide occurred last night just south of the Glenwood Station on the Hudson Line. Mud, soil and bricks buried the northbound local track. MTA Link
It sounds like Tracks 1 and 3 are OOS and there is a 30 mph speed restriction on Track 2. (There are only three tracks at Glenwood.) Riders heading north from Riverdale, Ludlow, Glenwood and Greystone will find buses substituting for trains.

Up to five inches of rain fell in the area overnight. Some parkways are closed too due to flooding. Below is an MTA photo of the slide.
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  by DutchRailnut
lets see? I thought tracks 3 and 1 are out because mudslide, track 2 has 30 mph restriction, but who took track 4 ????
  by truck6018
DutchRailnut wrote:but who took track 4 ????
Martians. Fortunately the feds caught them and track 4 is safe and sound at Area 51.
  by Tommy Meehan
DutchRailnut wrote:lets see? I thought tracks 3 and 1 are out because mudslide, track 2 has 30 mph restriction, but who took track 4 ????
Thanks Dutch. I edited the message. Glenwood is on the Hudson Line, correct? :-)

Btw Track 3 is still OOS but northbound local service has been restored:
Bridgeplates have been erected at Riverdale, Ludlow, Glenwood and Greystone, restoring train service to these stations. Link
  by Tommy Meehan
Track 3 remains OOS between Riverdale-Greystone due to the mudslide about midway between Glenwood and Greystone. Link In addition to track repairs there is a serious issue with the property above the tracks. The mudslide was caused by the heavy rain undermining a parking lot at 679 Warburton Avenue. The portion that let go is about forty feet wide and in addition to replacing the parking lot and rebuilding the retaining wall, the building owners will have to stabilize and shore up the hillside. Track 3 might be OOS for weeks not days.
"It's going to be a while," MTA spokeswoman Marjorie Anders said Thursday.
  by DutchRailnut
you still have one of 4 tracks missing, as Hudson is 4 tracks from CP12 to just north of Harmon shop
  by Tommy Meehan
DutchRailnut wrote:you still have one of 4 tracks missing, as Hudson is 4 tracks from CP12 to just north of Harmon shop
Are you talking about this?
Tommy Meehan wrote:...(There are only three tracks at Glenwood.)...
I didn't even notice that. Yeah that was a dumb mistake. There's nothing I can do about it now though. It's too late to edit the message. Unless Kevin can do it.
  by Tommy Meehan
Leaving aside the typo, what is interesting to me is, some limited bus service is still being provided. From the link I provided earlier.
During the PM Rush
Until 8 PM:
All outbound local trains will arrive on the inbound (to New York) platform. [Track 4]
Inbound customers for these stations must enter/exit from the head car of the train and use bridgeplates to access the station platform. [Track 1]

From 8 PM to Midnight:
All outbound local trains will arrive on the inbound (to New York) platform. [Track 4]
Inbound, bus service will be in effect between Yonkers Station and Riverdale, Ludlow, Glenwood & Greystone Stations. Please see a Customer Service Representative at the station if you need more information.
During off-peak and weekend hours southbound locals will arrive on Track 4 as normal. Northbound locals will arrive on Track 1 and riders will have to use bridgeplates. From 8 PM to Midnight on weeknights the final four southbound locals will skip Greystone, Glenwood, Ludlow and Riverdale. Instead of using bridge plates they will use buses. Glenwood is the station nearest to where I live but I almost never ride south that late. I never remember them doing this before either but bridge plates are not fun to use especially after dark (which might be why they decided to do this).
  by Tommy Meehan
Track 3 remains OOS between Riverdale and Greystone but the evening bus service has been cancelled. In the evening the northbound trains will platform on Track 4 and the southbound locals will use Track 1, with riders required to use bridgeplates to access trains. Link Trains can crossover north of Greystone.
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