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  by Maybrook fan
Anybody heard any news on how the test's are going ???

How soon until another one gets shipped ???

  by FL9AC
I think two more are due by the end of April

  by Terminal Proceed
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  by District D RTC
The 125 was seen moving around Harmon today with three bomb cars. Not sure if it went out on the main - if it did I must have missed it from where I was in Croton (near CD). The thing will be around Harmon testing until accepted. NUFF SAID! BLW has not yet finished a second one, and likely wont go full force until this one is accepted.

  by Clean Cab
The 125 has developed minor problems and was unable to be used on a test train yesterday (4/2). It should be fixed soon and get started with acceptance testing. I'm not sure when the other units will arrive. I'm guessing that once they see how well the 125 does, the rest will start being delivered.

  by mc367
Not exactly a pretty locomotive, if you ask me.

This may have been asked already or stated already - but will these units be the death of the FL9s and F10s which have been hanging on through many an 11th hour it seems.

-Justin Franz

  by FL9AC
Yes, the BL20GH's are going to finally finish off the F10's and FL-9's unfortunately. They were also going to replace the P40's as well, but there are rumors that CDOT is going to acquire them.

  by Otto Vondrak
Once again, this thread is for NEWS. We already have a thread to debate their usefulness, beauty, and personality.


  by DutchRailnut
Internal rumblings have next unit CDOT 126 scheduled to be shipped from Brookville by about next week.

No news on 125 other than some technical adjustments, like changing winter tires to MNCR summer tires or so ;-)

  by DutchRailnut
Correct but don't expect them in service anytime yet.
Here is shot of under hood:

And shipping # 126


  by Noel Weaver
Just because these engines are on the property does not mean that they
have been delivered. The delivery does not take place until each unit
passes all of the tests and burn in proceedures that take place over a
good period of time. Each and every failure or problem will extend the
time before delivery actually takes place.
It took many months for the first M-2's to burn in before acceptance
could take place and delivery made. Until the delivery took place, the
cars were actually owned by GE.
Noel Weaver

  by DutchRailnut
Next delivery will be in early June as one of the GCT ESA switchers will be ready, about same size but no flared radiator, two truck engines and painted yellow with lots of reflective material.

After that the next unit will be a Metro North BL20gh #110( I believe) painted about same as new Genesis scheme.


The 126 has arrived at Croton

  by DutchRailnut
Here is one of units at Harmon yard, it shows how fans are mounted lower for clearances.

Photo on Brookville site by Wayne Koch
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