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  by dinwitty
Tadman wrote:we can fix that with lighter fluid, a pack of matches, and some of the guys from the LIRR or NYA forums...
my brain thought of this comment but I held back...8-D

what might be more fun is to fix the interior and put a model railroad in it, maybe South Shore based...

  by PRRGuy
There's a IHB caboose in Whiting I'm sure no one would notice if it was "scalped" to better the "SS" cause.

  by Mike@IHP
We're hoping to get to the Nippon car kit this year. I'll make an announcement here when we have photos posted on the IHP website.

We're also working on our long-promised remastering of the IC/Metra Highliner MU. More info on this one will be available in a few days.

We're trying to make as many people as possibly happy with our choice of releases, and these are for you Chicago folks.

Mike Bartel
PRRGuy wrote:Very cool. BTW, any word on that one company that was supposed to make a resin kit of the nippon cars? I haven't heard/seen anything on them in awhile.