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  by PRRGuy
I've been wondering what models are available for these roads. So far I've seen some HO brass models of the old cars, the little joe and the steeple cabs. Also:

Ho Scale

Athearn : 50 Ft gondola (CSS)

Walthers : Coil Car (CSS)

Red caboose : Coil car (CSS)

O scale :

MTH Little Joe

Heavyweight car set powered/dummy

Also I believe that a caboose and maybe a boxcar was made by someone.

Feel free to add anything else you may know about.

  by MikeF
One of the brass importers produced HO brass models of the 1982 cars a while back. I don't know who, when or how many, though.

  by Tadman
Try this:
They usually have some CSS models, as well as other various heavy electric and interurban models.

  by MikeF
IHP has listed a 1982 South Shore car as being "in the works" for several years now. A modeler friend suggested I not to hold my breath for it.

  by PRRGuy
Interesting site. Hopefully that model does come out this year..or next...or next. Seems pretty nice, I'm hoping its moderatly priced although some of those cars seem a little pricey.

  by PRRGuy
Didn't someone have a 50 ft flat car for the CSS at one time? I thought I rememebered seeing one somewhere.

  by dinwitty
The South Shore did not have a great number of cars of its own.
Gondola's, covered hoppers, some Cabeese
the coil cars are newer than the era I will be modeling (50's)
The South Shore operated more like an interchange route with online industries.
So you would see other line's cars running on it quite a lot.

Break out the paint and decals. :)

Some rare brass models of the cabeese are seen sometimes on ebay or dig wherever you can for them.

For locomotives NWSL, Overland, Alco models had made the
Little Joes, keep checking ebay, they keep turning up.
(I have 1 NWSL)

NKP products 700 class (I own 2)

Ken Kidder's Steeplcab shows up on ebay from time to time as well as other versions.


seems they got in gear and are getting the steeplecab going (yay!)

Various iterations of the passenger cars in brass, ebay again check or dig.
(I have 2 long cars, Shortie powered/trailer, and a built Walthers shortie and I found an unbuilt kit on ebay! (thats a big wow!))

Most of the brass equipment on ebay just goes to high prices,
so I may be down to custom building the passenger cars if I want to raise the size of my fleet...

  by JLJ061
Sometime back in the late 80's I remember seeing a brass model of an old passenger car, but can't remember who made it. The funny thing about this car was on one side it looked like a 100 series combo, but on the other side was a straight passenger car!

  by dinwitty
a few makers made the long cars. I have one of the cars thats a straight coach on one side and a baggage on the other...ooops by the maker...

I ask myself how to deal with it and decided to make it a fictional car, a half-baggage car and number it in a fictional number.
So that it makes sense and dont try to worry about which what way about it, I wont be hacking the car to fix it...heh.

NKP made a powered/trailer combo, and I have one also,
plus a coach someone sold me that needs a little body work, but fixable and runs.

Walthers made a kit of the south shore cars, the shortie cars, I found one built, and I found an unbuilt one on ebay. Still yet to build it.

  by Mike@IHP
As was stated earlier, we've had a Nippon Sharyo MU car in the works for a couple of years now. Patterns are all complete and ready for tooling, but an attempt to design our own drive unit for this and our other kits is taking longer than we thought. Until then, we've elected to just market the car as a kit. The kit will include a one-piece body, floor with underbody and stepwells, interior, correct trucks (made of metal) and details. No pantographs, power truck or decals are included, but you should be able to find all of these. We have no price yet and won't know this until the kits are ready for release, but since we don't expect to sell too many of them, it won't be cheap (probably the $100 range). If you want any of these cars, contact IHP and reserve. It's on our production schedule for 2006, but the number of reservations we get determines whether that is early or late 2006. This kit is HO scale, by the way (is there any other?)

Mike Bartel

  by Tadman
FYI the trucks under the modern MU's look very similar to Amtrak Genesis trucks - if you're in need of a CSS MU, buy IHP's kit and a crummy Genesis model and mate the two. I make it sound easy, but I've never done it, I'm just thinking out loud.

  by dinwitty
its good your working new cars, and keeping the price, well, non-brass.

The older cars are hard to find and I am still looking to add a few to my collection but ebay outprices me.

would be nice to see the older cars come back as a model.

geez, when MTH comes out with O-scale Joe and passenger cars, makes me feel left out with a market place that isnt doing it for HO traction too much.

but HO traction has always been in the minority.

  by PRRGuy
Speaking of models, I stopped into G&G hobbies out in griffith the other day. They have the new R-T-R HO Athearn 50' plugdoor boxcars in the South Shore scheme. It's yellow with the big "South Shore" in black lettering. It's also available in two numbers, 1501 and 1504.

  by dinwitty
I will model about the mid fifties, no plug door boxes or bay window cabeese!

  by PRRGuy
let me know if/how do you the wooden off-set cupola cabooses. I noticed that the one from walthers could be a good base for one.