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  by weakcheeks
Metro North employees serve with pride after last winter...

I guess that's why Metro North sent their M-1's to the LIRR for inspections and repairs during last winter. LIRR is known as having the better trained maintenance staff and the better facilities than Metro North.

Five stars to the LIRR!

  by DutchRailnut
Sure you got to see comments writen on Coffin covers (under car) about those wonderfull LIRR fixes. The cars were not sent to LIRR cause they are so good but because MNCR lacked better alternatives.

  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
The only reason MN sent the equipment to LIRR was because LIRR has larger shops and more people to do the maintenance. MN, like the NYCRR, never had adequate facitlities for the maintenance of their equipment but the people are the greatest bunch of railroaders around. MN train and shop personnel are the greatest!!!! That's all I've got to say.

  by weakcheeks
I guess it was very hard for Metro North M of E staff to keep up with winter inspections and maintenance since they were clocking in for hours they didn't work and leaving the property.

Maybe after "the merger" you could come over to the LIRR and see how a real railroad works.

We serve with Pride. Five Stars!!!!

  by Terminal Proceed
But OUR trains run on time - more than I can say for our counterparts out East.

  by george matthews
>>I guess that's why Metro North sent their M-1's to the LIRR for inspections and repairs during last winter. <<

What route do they use for sending them down to the LIRR?

  by DutchRailnut
they were towed to New Rochelle and picked up by LIRR switcher that came over Hellgate.
due to snow ingestion so many traction motors and propulsion problems occured that help from LIRR was needed, the LIRR did not get even 1/4 of snow amounts that MNCR got. but lets keep the subject on what the subject line says " M-7's"
  by Noel Weaver
Item, when the M-2's were brand new and in their testing stages (burn-in)
they were still technically owned by GE as the railroad did not accept them
until they successfully completed the burn-in proceedure. GE leased a
facility on the L.I.R.R. at Shea Stadium and did major repairs and also
modifications there. The cars would be towed to that facility as required.
I do not know about today but not too many years ago, Metro-North was
"light years" ahead of the Long Island when it came to maintenance and
cleaner cars. I suspect that may still be the case today.
The last time I rode the L.I.R.R. was out to Rockville Center in August of
2000 for the N.O.A.T.C. timetable collectors convention. Both ways, the
train consisted of M-1's that were rough riding, dirty, crowed and with
crabby crews. Both ways we were close to on time though.
I would guess that the shop facilities are far superior on Metro-North as
compared to the L.I.R.R.
Another item, back around 1982 or so, I had a regular job working on the
Harlem out of GCT. I ran a local out of GCT in the AM to NWP and
returned on a commuter express that only made a couple of stops enroute
but we always seemed to get the former GTE cars that the L.I.R.R. could
not keep running. These cars had the turbine equipment generally
removed and ran as sort of M-1's with their own set of technicalities and
problems. The L.I.R.R. could not make them run on their own even on
electric so they were sent to NWP where the forces found a way to make
them run at least some of the time. These cars seemed to follow me on
a couple of different jobs and trains but I never liked them. Although they
could and did run with M-1's, most of the time they ran by themselves as a
four car train.
Noel Weaver

  by KFRG
A real railroad does not shut down their major terminal station for any amount of time! :D


  by DutchRailnut
ok ok lets keep to subject please.
btw how many times is Penn Station shutdown ??

  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
Hey enough of the name calling. All I'm trying to say is that MN does not need any LIRR logos on it's equipment. MN employees are dedicated, hard working AND courteous to the public. Let LIRR have it's own logos and MN it's own. MN doesn't need any stars to say it serves with pride. Actions speak louder than symbols.

Don't bring out the issue of the people at Croton-Harmon!! You mean to tell me, no one on LIRR ever did what the people at Croton-Harmon are accused of doing?

  by weakcheeks
Penn Station never closes, unlike Grand Central... LIRR runs passenger service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unlike Metro North. The last trains out of Poughkeepsie and New Haven are around 11pm and the last trains out of Grand Central are around 1am, while the LIRR runs all night long. Talk about better passenger service, the LIRR is hard to beat.

As for Croton Harmon, the IG never caught 42 people at the LIRR clocking in for hours they weren't there.

We serve with Pride! Five Stars!!!!!

  by Terminal Proceed
That only means that the employees were never caught - that doesn't mean it doesnt happen. Get real.

As for Penn Station never closing - First of all it looks more like a dilapidated shopping mall than a train staion. The reason Grand Central closes at 1:30 is for maintenance. So that it can conitinue to look like the flagship train staion that it is. If it was left open 24/7 it would look like Penn does in very short order.

  by ericware
I agree

  by Lackawanna484
Under normal (non-RNC) circumstances, don't NYP close to all but non-ticketed passengers after 1 am?

I can remember having to show tickets / intent to purchase at the 7th aveneu side a few times VERY late at night.