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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by GP40MC1118
This stretch from the bridge almost all the way to the station is a popular fishing spot. I even heard that Wareham once wanted to have a pedestrian crossing
put in. I am amazed this doesn't happen more often here. Of course, if you're a railfan with a camera your public enemy No.1.
  by Mass Coastal 2010
To be abandoned? Active rail line threatened by bike path - Save the Falmouth Secondary Rail Line

Please take the time to watch this video and take action.
  by Falmouth Secondary to Otis
Mass Coastal 2010 wrote: Tue Jul 18, 2023 6:24 am To be abandoned? Active rail line threatened by bike path - Save the Falmouth Secondary Rail Line

Please take the time to watch this video and take action.
Excellent video and well presented ! Will be doing all that is possible to help keep our Rail line in use and out of the hands of the bike path group.
  by Goddraug
Nerail shows that MassDOT was doing crossing work on July 18 at the Bell Road crossing so it seems like they’re still putting money into the Falmouth line.

That being said, please do send emails to all concerned parties to voice opposition against ripping up the tracks, show them that it’s unpopular.
  by Falmouth Secondary to Otis
MassDOT has been doing extensive rehabilitation on the Falmouth Secondary / Otis Industrial track since 2018 and has been documented on Mass Coastal NERAIL photo archives. Dedicated Railfans are voicing their opposition to ripping up the tracks as they should and will continue to do so. The bike path group wants the RR ROW at any cost, instead of working with MassDOT to develop a Rail with Trail solution to further develop transportation options to address traffic congestion Cape Cod.
  by New Haven 1
Nice job on the video.

The bicycle path people are dreaming if they think they can pull this one off as the STB would have a problem with it from several angles. To boot, as has been mention by Falmouth Secondary, and others that MASS DOT has been continuing to do work is a pretty fair indicator of the lines future. The fact that the base is also involved put this to a Federal Level.

Having said all of this it is still a good idea for the normally silent majority to make their thoughts on the proposal known to the proper people as my tag line indicates.

I did use the email template. Thank you for supplying it. I also added what is below to make the point.

In addition to the above, I would ask that consideration be given to the fact that the railroad offers the opportunity for ALL to enjoy the beautiful scenery regardless of physical shortcomings be they handicap or, age related whereas only those able to walk or bicycle could make use of a taxpayer funded trail.

Finally, it is clear that the group pushing for the removal of the rails have no concern for the environmental impact that would result. I implore you to take the needs of the commonwealth's residents over those of this small self serving group of shortsighted individuals.
  by BandA
Basic question: If they were to implement Rail + Trail, how would they avoid flinging stones occasionally into the cyclists eyes? Would the state require full fencing / barriers?
  by Red Wing
There is no fence between train and trail in Frostburg, MD.
  by jamoldover
The bigger concern (than a train somehow flinging a rock at a cyclist) is usually trespassers on the tracks who should be on the trail. That's usually why some sort of fencing (even low) is generally required.
  by Falmouth Secondary to Otis
Was reviewing the Rail section pages A-156 to A-172 of the MassDOT 2024 to 2028 Capital Investment Program and there is plenty of work planned for the Cape Main / Falmouth Secondary / Dennis Secondary RR lines, along with all the other State lines. The State certainly is planning on continued use of all the Cape's RR tracks well into the future!

https://www.mass.gov/doc/2024-2028-capi ... l/download
  by New Haven 1
After opening the document that Falmouth Secondary posted above, to save having to scroll through it, just hit
CNTRL+F on your keyboard and then enter "155" which will literally take you to where the rail portion of the document begins.
  by Falmouth Secondary to Otis
Former Bay Colony RR engine house stub siding in Buzzards Bay is being restored for Mass Coastal RR to use as a storage track for their Polar Express operations according to some of the comments made on the video. Siding has been buried and overgrown with vegetation for a long time so will be good to see it active again.

  by SOCO11
There was an IRAP grant for Gallo in Sagamore to rebuild their siding. They have track through a loading building that looks OK. It continues through their yard (never used?). I couldn't find what they are going to ship. Anyone heard?
  by GP40MC1118
Nothing specific, but I think we could see C&D or scrap here. Wonder if there might be a return of road salt?
  by Falmouth Secondary to Otis
The last photo from 2018 explains it all as it has sat unused for quite some time. If I get a chance, I'll take a new look at it to see if anything has changed recently as there hasn't been any local news about it being used for any purpose.

http://photos.nerail.org/showpic/?photo ... ex=2&key2=
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