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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by CSX Engineer 98
So when will MC be taking over operations of the CSX Cranberry Divisions (Fall River New Bedford) branches
  by masscoastalfan
For those interested, it seems Mass Coastal has changed the operating times of
the Monday, Wednesday, Friday job running from Rochester to Otis to pick up
loaded energy cars. Usually they cross the canal heade south for Otis light at
about 3pm return across the bridge with loads at about 5-530Pm. However, this
week they have been running south light crossing the bridge at about 1pm and
returning north across the bridge with loads at about 3-330pm. I don't know of
this is a permanent schedule change or not. However, for those who enjoy
photography, it gives photographers a chance to see loads on the Falmouth line
in the perfect afternoon light. This opertunity is usually restricted to the
summer months. That's all for now!
  by masscoastal
I had heard the MC was looking into a GP50 for the new Fall River/New Bedford run... Anyone else hear this?
  by Bill Moran
Haven't heard that. Does that mean replacing one ore more of the OOS GP-7's?
  by masscoastal
Not sure, last I heard about them, one was close to being back in service... but I thought they were going to both be on the CCC scenic trains, so maybe thats the plan, 1501/1502 on the scenics, 1201 on the back burner, maybe shined up so to speak to become a switcher... and new power for the new line?? I guess we'll see.

  by masscoastalfan
there are 3 different stories about 1201 that i've heard. 1. she will be restored to full operation this spring and run the scenic trains, 2. she will be repaired and used as a switcher, or 3. they are going to pull the plug on her. 1501 and 1502 are both out of service. 1501 needs new traction motors and 1502 is just the hanger queen. she hasn't been used in several years and has had some parts taken off her and put on 1201. As for the GP50's what they get for new engines will be for new bedford/fall river. The exact motive power has NOT been decided.
  by Bill Moran
1502 is planned for rehab and to be back in service this spring. 1501 not sure yet.
  by BayColony1706
1501's just waiting on a traction motor, so I'd assume she'd be ready for ops this spring too.
  by Bill Moran
I haven't heard the full story on the traction motors on 1501. Traction motors always seem to be the nemisis of old locomotives. Unless you have the means of dropping the truck and the lifting equipment to handle the motor, the only first aid is brush maintenance and cleaning. Not fun working under there!
As I understand it, the plan is to put both 1501 & 1502 on the CCCR this summer. With the expanding freight lines and possible commuter train experiment, I have a feeling the engine house and Hyannis yard will be a busy place.
  by BayColony1706
If needed, I'd assume they'd crane up the loco, and position the truck over the pit.. we did similar things in the past. Peter and his crew will get that engine running, for sure. :wink:
  by masscoastalfan
That's going to be one great looking train this summer if 1501 and 1502 are both running and in new paint! However, seeing as both units need work, i would not be surprised if we see the train start off the year with a borrowed MC unit like they did last year.
  by masscoastal
Hey does anyone have roof pictures of 1201 by chance? Thanks, -Pat
  by MickD
Don't know if it's been officially confirmed but I was told by an CCRTA employee that
a March start up for some sort of Wareham-Middleboro passenger service was mentioned at
last weeks union meeting.
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