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  by F40CFan
I saw 100 this morning (10/19/2005) at the head of a train sitting in Union Station. It looked no worse for wear. As I was inside of a moving train, I couldn't hear it very well, there were too many MP36s rumbling, so I can't comment on its mechanical health. But it is out and about.

  by AMTK84
100 took its shakedown run on train 2225 (18 Sep) and later on train 2241 (18 Sep). I recorded it later in the evening; sounded great and I have to say better then usual.Indeed

  by Metra 47 607
I am glad to hear that 100 is alive and well. That just goes to show that you cant keep a F40PH down.

  by Metra 47 607
I just saw 100 tonight 10/19 on train 2158 in Northbrook it looks the same and sounds great and it was running on its own. Glad to see it back