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  by MR77100
I have some updates on some South Shore cars. While at the Fox River Trolley Museum this weekend, I observed cars 7 and 14. The 7 is in very good condition, save for the usual rust along the frame. The 14 has excess rust along the panels and a cracked window, although all of the windows on the cars seem to be intact. Has the musem ever run these cars?

The cars at IRM are in very good shape, save for the 2 in the diesel barn, which are in fair condition. The 102 at Boone, Iowa is used as a spare parts source. Car 22, which was scrapped in Florida, was unique due to having picture windows that were sashed. It was the only car built with that feature.

  by MikeF
MR77100 wrote:The cars at IRM are in very good shape, save for the 2 in the diesel barn, which are in fair condition.
There are three in the diesel barn. Cars 8 and 34 are in decent shape, while 37 is very rough.
Car 22, which was scrapped in Florida, was unique due to having picture windows that were sashed. It was the only car built with that feature.
Car 22 wasn't actually built with the "bus" windows; those were installed in the '60s after an accident ripped the car's sides apart. Prior to that time, it had the same small-sash windows as the other cars in its series.

  by dinwitty
I have been in communication with the owner of some of the south shore cars, looking at his aquired list, he had acquired many of the cars but scrapped many.
I have scrapped a dozen South Shore Line cars as follows:

#2, 12, 16, 20, 27, 101, 103, 105, 108, 110, 201, 202.

All were scrapped for parts for the restoration of a fleet of South Shore Line cars that I am keeping as follows:

#3, 4, 5, 31, 73 (Chicago, Lake Shore and South Bend), 351
from the email.

He has the ownership of 1101 and the CLS&SB 73 and restoring it (it was being used for a house in michigan city till rescued.)

Seems theres a gurgling project to make a transportation link between Notre Dame and the Airport and he will use the restored South Shore cars to do that, and aquisition of trackage
(or lease whatever?) of the west end of the SS, IE Bendix area,
and use the freight area the SS switched as a Shops area.
Its a project in the works and it sounds like the cars may make a kind or return to their home base in a new form of work for them.

I found him selling a South Shore Gauge on ebay thru an odd websearch.

  by Tadman
I have always thought that would be an interesting routing, one that needs little heavy lifting done as far as routing and track - coming down NICD trackage from the airport, over grandview lead to Bendix, over new tracks or NS tracks to the old MC Niles line, and then straight up to the old US 31 over the Niles line - at that point, the ND power station line diverges and goes to the heart of campus. The new tracks needed are between Bendix and the niles line, as well as a third leg to the wye at grandview.

  by PRRGuy
I was searching online for south shore stuff for sale and ai came across a caboose website. Now, it's not for sale but it shows listings of cabooses in maryland. Here's the odd part. It shows CSS&SB #1066 listed in Woodstock, MD.. how/why is that there? Are there pictures of this caboose in its current location?

So, now we're up to 2 CSS&SB bay-windows left

It's listed on http://www.crabstaterails.com/Cabooses.htm

  by PRRGuy
I heard from someone the other day that one of the Ex-C&O hacks is at the museum in Hesston. Anyone know more about this?

  by CSS&SB702
I believe it's #345. I have a pic of #345 on display, but I don't know where it was taken. The thing is though, the caboose is painted orange with a maroon stripe, the same as the diesels, but I don't think this scheme was ever actually used. Anyone know for certain?

  by PRRGuy
The only cabooses everyone I know had said has had those colors are the bay windows and the current 001. As far as I know the C&O hacks all stayed in yellow.

  by CSS&SB702
Yeah, I think that's right. :wink:

  by JLJ061
A few weeks ago I spent the day at the New York Central Museum and Elkhart, and just off the NS mainline across from the depot sits Car 15.


Looks like some much-needed renovation is being attempted on the interior.


Here's a little notice you'll never see on today's passenger equipment!


  by PRRGuy
We've started putting up similar signs on the bathroom doors.

Please don't flush while train is in station.

  by byte
How do the waste-retention systems on the newer cars work? I was under the impression that it had been illegal for some time to dump waste on the tracks, and that it had to be held in tanks until they could be emptied.

  by PRRGuy
They are retention tank systems, powered by air. I'm still not sure why they put stickers up though.
  by andrethebusman
Can anybody shed any light on why car 35 was retired early? The other early goner, 18, was the first car that ran away approaching South Bend and hit multiple autos and the building at the end of track.