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  by PRRGuy
Really now, I heard its supposed to make its way down there eventually. I thought it was still on the property inside a shed in Michigan City. I'll have to look into that.

  by MikeF
No, 1100 left South Shore property on April 3 of this year. At that time it was moved to the steel mill at Bailly for storage. (Sorry, I don't have photo evidence as I was unable to attend, but I can assure you it really did happen. :wink: )

I've heard reports that it was trucked to North Judson sometime in the past few months, but I don't know that for sure.

  by PRRGuy
Yep, my fault I checked up on that last night and found that yes, it was gone. the new CMV is in its old home in the shed.

  by MikeF
I was in North Judson today. The only South Shore cars there are 4 and 31. The line car is not there, so it's either still at Bailly or in storage somewhere else (Elkhart, perhaps?).

  by PRRGuy
I'm hoping that the 1100 isn't railworthy and they truck it there. I'd hate to see it get "lost" or damaged on its way to North Judson.

  by MikeF
From everything I've heard, the plans are to move it by truck. When it made its final move on the South Shore back in April to be stored at Bailly, it of course went by rail, but that was with a NICTD crew handling it. If the condition of the old coaches is any indication, I would really doubt the 1100 could survive a trip in a freight train.

  by MikeF
I have updated the list with some more of the cars in Indiana.

  by Tadman
City of Scottsburg, Indiana

What is 503, and why Scottsburg? That's in the middle of nowhere.

Also, I recall hearing of two old cars stored near Traverse City. Lenewee county area if I remember right.

  by Tadman

A picture of the retired CSS car in Lenawee county, from trackdog's website.

  by MikeF

Car 503 was one of the two Fast Emergency Package Service baggage cars. Here is a picture (from my collection) of it at Shops sometime in the '50s. After 503 was retired from service, it was used for storage at Shops until the mid-'80s. I don't know how it ended up in Scottsburg.

There are indeed two cars in Lenawee County, Mich., which is nowhere near Traverse City. They are 1 and 36, which I listed as being located in Clinton. I think the picture you linked to shows car 36.

  by Tadman
I remember seeing 503 at shops as a kid - makes sense now. And I think I had Lenawee county confused with Lelenau county. Thanks for the update. 36 looks pretty darn rough these days.

  by MikeF
I've just finished assembling a complete list of the disposition of all the orange cars, including those that were scrapped. The only cars not listed here are the diners, which were scrapped in the '40s. "NPS" indicates the car is owned by the National Park Service. "O&TRM" stands for Overhead & Third Rail Museum Group, which was the previous incarnation of the RAIL Foundation.

1 NPS - Southern Michigan Railroad (Clinton, Mich.)

2 Scrapped 1985 by O&TRM

3 RAIL Foundation (Noblesville, Ind.)

4 RAIL Foundation (North Judson, Ind.)

5 RAIL Foundation (Indianapolis, Ind.)

6 NPS - RAIL Foundation? (Bloomington, Ind.)

7 NPS - Fox River Trolley Museum (South Elgin, Ill.)

8 NPS - Illinois Railway Museum (Union, Ill.)

9 NPS - East Troy Electric Railroad (East Troy, Wis.)

10 Rebuilt 1951 into car 110

11 Michigan Transit Museum (Mount Clemens, Mich.)

12 Scrapped 1985 by O&TRM

13 NPS - East Troy Electric Railroad (East Troy, Wis.)

14 Fox River Trolley Museum (South Elgin, Ill.)

15 NPS - National New York Central Railroad Museum (Elkhart, Ind.)

16 Scrapped 1985 by O&TRM

17 Private Owner (Chesterton, Ind.)

18 Scrapped 1975 by CSS&SB

19 NPS - Illinois Railway Museum (Union, Ill.)

20 Scrapped 1985 by O&TRM

21 NPS - East Troy Electric Railroad (East Troy, Wis.)

22 Scrapped mid-1990s? (Florida)

23 NPS - RAIL Foundation? (Indianapolis, Ind.)

24 East Troy Electric Railroad (East Troy, Wis.)

25 East Troy Electric Railroad (East Troy, Wis.)

26 Private Owner (Chesterton, Ind.)

27 Scrapped 1985 by O&TRM

28 Illinois Railway Museum (Union, Ill.)

29 Rebuilt 1951 into car 111

30 East Troy Electric Railroad (East Troy, Wis.)

31 RAIL Foundation (North Judson, Ind.)

32 NPS - Seashore Trolley Museum (Kennebunkport, Maine)

33 NPS - RAIL Foundation? (Bloomington, Ind.)

34 Illinois Railway Museum (Union, Ill.)

35 Scrapped 1975 by CSS&SB

36 NPS - Southern Michigan Railroad (Raisin Center, Mich.)

37 NPS - Illinois Railway Museum (Union, Ill.)

38 Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad (Boone, Iowa)

39 Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad (Boone, Iowa)

40 NPS - Illinois Railway Museum (Union, Ill.)

100 Private Owner (Chesterton, Ind.)

101 Scrapped 1985 by O&TRM

102 Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad (Boone, Iowa)

103 Scrapped after 1983

104 Private Owner (Chesterton, Ind.)

105 Scrapped after 1983

106 Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad (Boone, Iowa)

107 NPS - RAIL Foundation? (Bloomington, Ind.)

108 Scrapped 2001 by RAIL Foundation (North Judson, Ind.)

109 Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad (Boone, Iowa)

110 Scrapped after 1983

111 East Troy Electric Railroad (East Troy, Wis.)

201 Scrapped 10/16/2004 by RAIL Foundation (Connersville, Ind.)

202 Sold 3/1983 to Gengnarel Lumber Co. (Auburn, Ind.); Scrapped 2000 by RAIL Foundation

203 NPS - RAIL Foundation? (Indianapolis, Ind.)

204 Indiana Railroad Museum (French Lick, Ind.)

205 Indiana Transportation Museum (Noblesville, Ind.)

206 Indiana Railroad Museum (French Lick, Ind.)

207 Scrapped 1972 by CSS&SB

208 Scrapped 1974 by CSS&SB

209 Scrapped 1972 by CSS&SB

210 Scrapped 1974 by CSS&SB

211 Scrapped 1974 by CSS&SB

212 Scrapped 1972 by CSS&SB

351 RAIL Foundation (Atlanta, Ind.)

352 Sold 1945 to MBA Construction Co.

353 Scrapped 1974 by CSS&SB

354 Scrapped 1974 by CSS&SB

503 City of Scottsburg, Indiana

504 Illinois Railway Museum (Union, Ill.)

  by bratkinson
FWIW, I saw some of the 200 series trailers being scrapped right at the shops in Michigan City in the 70s. I even managed to get a few odds and ends from them with the permission of one of the workers. What I found most interesting is they simply buried most of the not-large-pieces-of-metal out near what is now the new shops.

  by PRRGuy
Interesting to know, I didnt know they did any scrapping in the yard. I'll have to ask the old heads around here and see if they saved anything cool looking.

  by CSS&SB702
I took some photos in the mid 80's of car #27 and #110 being scrapped right outside of the new shops building. :(