• Railfan Day! June 27-28

  • All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad
All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

Moderator: Benjamin Maggi

  by Benjamin Maggi
It was an amazing day and all of the effort and hard work by the Railroad and other volunteers made for a great event. I must say that there was a lot of people working hard that didn't always get noticed. The station crew, for example, was there until around 7:30PM just cleaning up. Even George got involved selling hot dogs. Thanks should go out to EVERYBODY!

My wife, father-in-law, and I had a great time. :-D
  by joesbag
Just want to express my thanks to the A&A and everyone involved with the Railfan Day! It was good to meet everyone I did, especially Pat, Chris, Howie, Ben, Chris B., Andrew, Trudie, Brad, and George. You couldn't have asked for a better day - blue skies, mild temperatures, working equipment, and slides of days gone by! I wish everyone the best of luck during this excusion season and may the frieght continue to run to North Java and the folks come out to ride each weekend. Hoepfully I can get up there again this year...
  by Alcophile
Look at this, #14 under steam!

  by jgallaway81
certainly would like to see that picture