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  • All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad
All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

Moderator: Benjamin Maggi

  by jnugent56
Benjamin Maggi wrote:Who else will be there?
I'll be there with a couple people from Rochester! Should be an awesome day. We will see you there, Ben. :-D
  by awwos
I'll be there with my new video camera (hopefully). I can't wait! I hope they run the gondola (even with the cover). That's where you'll find me!!
  by joesbag
I'll be coming up from Tennessee! Bringing my two sons, my brother and his son. It'll be an awesome day!

Just want to say Trudie was great to talk with when I was purchasing the tix.
  by tomjohn
I hope someone will post pictures of their trip on the ARCADE and ATTICA RR?

  by Benjamin Maggi
I am sure there will be LOTS of posted pictures... including a few of mine. :-D
  by howie729
when and how will #6 arrive?
  by Mountcastle
Just want to say Trudie was great to talk to when I was purchasing tickets.
I was with a group of friends at Founding Fathers Pub on Edward Street, Downtown (Buffalo), and I called the A&A half-hammered at about 8:00pm to get the times for the next day's rides, fully expecting to get an answering machine at that hour. Unfortunately for poor Trudie, she picked-up! Little did she know that she would face a barrage of nonsense from 4 drunks at a bar, but she was too funny. She played right along. love it.
  by jnugent56
This is Joe Nugent reporting LIVE from Arcade, NY. :-D I arrived around 6:00pm today and found A&A 18 and Viscose Company 6 steaming away by the engine house. The 6 was getting a bath before it's full day of service tomorrow. Saturday is going to be a lot of fun!

  by steamfan6325
AWESOME picture!!!! This is going to be a great day!!!!
  by thebigham
It was!

The double headed excursion was 4 1/2 hours and *4* photo runbys!!

A very HUGE thanks to the A&A for organizing this day.
  by howie729
What a day!!! I have to thank the A&A and Pat for the experience. I am getting ready to head down to the depot for the videos and wanted to share what pictures I took today. Here is a Link to the folder. Look forward to seeing all the different photos.

  by Mountcastle
I'll contribute my pictures for all you Facebook people out there:

http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=9 ... 423&ref=mf

*NB: there are 64 pictures spread out over four pages. Don't stop at the end of page 1, there's much more.

What a magnificent day and what a worthy event. I was impressed beyond words and I can only hope that they make this an annual event.

The pictures tell the story, except for the marvelous sounds and smells, of course. They also illustrate the new stencilwork above the windows of the coaches, which looks absolutley smashing. Also included are pics of the newly-covered gondola, inside and out. An image of two steam engines on the Cattaraugus Creek bridge, alone, made the day worthwhile. There are also some nice shots of the romantic ruin that is Old No. 14, and I also tossed in a couple of ancient shots of 18 and the caboose from the late 1970s and early 1980s, courtesy my childhood album.

Pat, it was great to see you again and to chat with you about the many improvements to the railroad. It was also my pleasure to at last meet Trudy face-to-face. And Mandy is still there! What a blast from the past to see her behind the counter.

I can't wait to see what the Arcade & Attica pulls out of its hat next! It will be hard to top this.
  by steamfan6325

More pics : http://rides.webshots.com/album/5732792 ... host=rides

Vidoes coming soon to youtube-will post links...

What an AWESOME day. #6 puts on a great show. Her stack talk was incredible!!


  by Mountcastle
Great photos, Jon. You caught me in one of your shots taking a picture in front of the engine house. Had I but known that was you I would have introduced myself.

I love the shot at night; that's unique.