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  by David Benton
Is that supposed to be a link to an article , John ?. Also do you know of the railway in the hotel on bridge post ?
  by johnthefireman
Yes, it's a link. I've just checked it and it works fine for me. Is it not working for you?

I'm not sure what hotel and bridge post you are referring to.
  by David Benton
My mistake,I didn't realize the first part of the Post was the link. The train on the bridge is in Kruger national park, currently the 3rd thread in the world wide forum.
  by ExCon90
johnthefireman wrote: Fri Aug 21, 2020 11:24 pm Night trains are brilliant. So why doesn’t the UK have any to Europe?
Britain is missing out on the boom in sleeper trains. But the biggest obstacle isn’t logistics, it’s bureaucracy...
The sleepers intended for that market never entered service, and some of them are now operating on VIA between Montreal and Halifax. After they were built it was concluded that at fares competitive with air fares prevalent in Europe at the time the trains couldn't cover their costs if booked to capacity, so they never entered service.
  by trainviews
The German ministry of transport recently issued a proposal to reinvigorate the trans European train connections, including some night lines that would reconnect a number of countries and cities with lines reaching Stockholm, Warsaw, Budapest, Zagreb, Rome, Barcelona and Paris.

https://www.bmvi.de/SharedDocs/DE/Anlag ... cationFile TEE 2.0 proposal (in German)

Germany currently holds the EU chairmanship
  by Gilbert B Norman
First, what office in what country will Greta be running for?

Secondly I remain astounded how Railway Age continues to give "ink" to material such as this:

https://www.railwayage.com/passenger/sl ... opes-lead/

Fair Use:
“And a little child shall lead them.” Many of you will recall that this is a Biblical quote from Isaiah read at Christian Sunday Advent services last month just prior to Christmas. And this made me think of the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg (now Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” and recently nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize) and which, per chance, occurred at the same time I received an e-mail from a fellow rail advocate who expressed his rabid climate denial, using such words as “I haven’t drank the climate change Kool Aid.”.
My days of traveling overseas are "done for". The worldwide COVID "all clear" won't sound until early '22, and I will be 81yo. No point joining some "rolling nursing home" being loaded on a bus or train, "bag pull is 7A", and all the rest. During my likely final overseas journey, I met a gal from South Carolina at the hotel in Salzburg being loaded aboard the bus. I asked her "where's next?". She had no idea.

Apparently, she figures she pays people to worry about that.
  by David Benton
Mr Norman , as an activist , I don't think she would stand for office , they tend to be more effective as opposition. I always fell like i am been told off by her!. I would say she has quite a team behind her keeping her ontrack , so to speak. She seems to" walk the walk", unlike some flying 1/2 way around the world , to save some plastic cups or whatever.
But the movement is effective , and rail should benefit. The "guilt" factor will ensure many green followers will consider the carbon emissions of their travel.
As to independent travel vs cruise / guided tour , each to their own . I have always travelled independent, i have many independent minded RV owning customers,( who call themselves freedom campers , and freewheelers), who have gone on cruises , and loved it . Its got to the stage where we consider cruises the competition for our customers $$$, rather than competing RV companies. Many NZ retailers are enjoying an upswing in sales due to NZERs not been able to go on cruises / overseas trips due to Covid-19 lockdown ..
  by Gilbert B Norman
Well, maybe if I'm able to go over again during '22, I should start to realize the "Oberfuerhers of OBB" just might have been smarter than for which I have given them credit, as well as "try it out":


Of course, some 16yo kid from Sweden may have been on their "payroll".
  by David Benton
Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djébbari has said his ambition is ‘to have about 10 overnight train services in 2030’.

Speaking to Le Parisien after visiting the technicentre at Périgueux with SNCF President Jean-Pierre Farandou to see the first of 60 couchette coaches that are being refurbished, Djébbari’s statement came as ministers start to consider a report on the future of overnight and daytime TET services.
https://www.railpage.com.au/news/s/fren ... enaissance
  by RRspatch
OBB Nightjet service to Amsterdam has begun.

Interestingly enough the northbound Nightjet train from Innsbruck to Amsterdam is No.420 . If you've ever been to Amsterdam you might know the significance of that number. Supposedly that number was randomly assigned through the joint European train numbering system but it does seem to fit. :-)
  by David Benton
I've been to Amsterdam twice , but i had to google it .
I feel so innocent :wink:
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