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  by johnthefireman
10 of the best sleeper trains in Europe
Night train services are having a renaissance, thanks to renewed investment from operators, amid the need to fly less...
  by Gilbert B Norman
While DB has still not opened reservations for August, at present they offer a Deluxe Bedroom. The Munich-Rome itinerary I outlined earlier could just happen.

I must confess I'm leaning away from it. I'm hardly throwing five stars about over my Auto-Train ride last month, and would have had a better sleep in any of the "three star" hotels at which I tie up for en-route overnight stays. Further at my age and preference for privacy, the thought of being "homeless in Rome" is not very exciting. True, I have made day trips from Salzburg (Vienna, Graz, Linz, Innsbruck, St. Anton/Arlberg) and not booked "day room" hotels while away. But I could at any time, got the next train back - an option I would not have if I decided I had enough of Rome.

One final factor thst I know will have some readers "off the wall". My plan was to first go to Munich Airport and store my bag for two days until the flight home. I would then take only what I needed for the two night joyride in a tote bag. That plan to me represents a problem, for on my overseas journeys, my bag is never out of my sight (haven't checked a bag on an airplane in over thirty years). Maybe I watch too much of the TV series "Locked Up Abroad", but the thought of picking it up at EDDM/MUC and there are the "Polizei" wanting me to answer "just a few questions", does not escape me.
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  by David Benton
My thoughts, Mr Norman,
-If your going to go , spend at least a nite in Rome.
-If there was one European city, I would recommend, I'm pretty sure it would be Rome. My only reservation is there may be too much to see in one day , which would be frustrating.
  by David Benton
Possibly a rehash on other material already posted, but an interesting read.
https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/destinat ... re-made-of
" Trains are having a moment.

Yes, after years of cutbacks to long-distance rail services as budget airlines lured travellers away from the platforms, some were surprised to see a new sleeper service linking two European capitals this year."
  by rohr turbo
Two weeks ago, my (very understanding) wife and I took the OBB Nightjet sleeper service from Budapest to Sargans, Switzerland. Have to say it was really nice. We booked a 2nd class double compartment which was plenty roomy for two of us. I had upper bunk, wife lower, middle one kept closed. Much much roomier than Amtrak roomette. Tons of luggage space in an area over the hallway. Climate controls worked. Car seemed older, but well-maintained. We easily flipped bottom bunk in the morning into a comfy long forward-facing sofa. About EU300 total for the 1000 km trip. I would have slept sounder had I taken a sleeping pill, but overall a very nice journey.

Unfortunately, Glacier Express was cancelled the day of our arrival, so we had to take the less scenic route across Switzerland. Night in Zermatt was incredible! Following day it was TGV from Lausanne to Paris.

Every train was exactly on time, of course.
  by rohr turbo
David Benton wrote: Tue Mar 10, 2020 12:32 am Thanks , is that 300 euro for both of you , or each ?
That was the total for both of us! (For Budapest to Sargans, Switzerland portion, including compartment, passage, taxes.) Actually EU298! I added another EU19 for cancellation insurance (fortunately unnecessary.)
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  by CarterB
Second class bedroom was $EU 150 each???? I thought those accommodations were in the $60-90 range.
  by rohr turbo
CarterB wrote: Tue Mar 10, 2020 12:37 pm Second class bedroom was $EU 150 each???? I thought those accommodations were in the $60-90 range.
Remember this was a private double compartment. If you are willing to share with more strangers, possibly you can find it cheaper.

I felt it was a good deal. You can play on the website to find fares: https://tickets.oebb.at/en/ticket
  by CarterB
Was that the deluxe compartment with shower/toilet?
  by johnthefireman
Plus saving the cost of a night in a hotel.
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