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Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by Silverliner II
As we know, the Comet IV cab cars' days as cab cars has long ended. Today, they are only used as trailer coaches.

Several years ago, I noticed that cabs 5011 and 5020 had their end windows plated over, headlight area plated over, and the ditch and strobe lights removed. I assumed at the time the controls in the cab had been removed as well, but as I had only seen those two cars from my train as I operated alongside the back of the MMC, that was speculation on my part.

Over the last three years, besides 5011 and 5020, I had taken note of 5017, and I think 5025 also had gotten this treatment.

And then, this past Monday, I was at Newark Penn when a train arrived with 5028 against the motor, and I saw this car had also gotten the removal work done. As the cab side was facing me, I was able to peek in the window and see that indeed, all the controls have been removed inside, with a sheet metal cover over where they used to me.

So, as of now, that's 5011, 5017, 5020, 5025*, and 5028 that I have seen completely "de-cabbed."
Now the $25,000 question is: is this going to spread to the remaining 16 Comet IV cabs eventually? Or will their eventual retirement beat them to the punch?
  by lensovet
I imagine from a liability perspective it makes sense to do this.

As far as timing, it’s anyone’s guess.
  by R36 Combine Coach
The last confirmed sighting of a Comet IV as a active operating cab was May 2013, though a few might have been
used for shop moves or as needed after that.