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  • Discussion of products from the American Locomotive Company. A web site with current Alco 251 information can be found here: Fairbanks-Morse/Alco 251.
Discussion of products from the American Locomotive Company. A web site with current Alco 251 information can be found here: Fairbanks-Morse/Alco 251.

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  by Alcoman
MEC407 wrote:Do any of you know of any operable S1 locos currently available for sale? Preferably ones that could be interchanged without much hassle? I know of a road that is looking for one or something similar...
I know of both a S-1 and S-2 for sale cheap. Staten Island Railway. Unfortunately, it will be a hassle to get them out of there. I am working with a group in Kingston who needs another Alco switcher, but are finding out that "FREE" may NOT be enough. There are ONLY 2 ways to get them out...by barge or truck. Neither of which will be cheap!
Its too bad,because these were rebuilt within 5 years ago and are in excellent shape.
  by Nova55
I was told they were not rebuilt. This is why they canceled the bid sheet last year. Atleast what I was told.
  by MEC407
The C424s are listed as 2000 HP. Were these units re-engined with 12-251s, or were they simply downrated to 2000 HP?
  by thebigham
Contact: Ozark Mountain Railcar
Box 167
Kirbyville, MO 65679
Telephone(s): 417-336-2401
E-Mail: Reply to Ad
Web Site: http://www.ozarkmountainrailcar.com

Built by ALCO in 1952, currently in operating Blue Carded condition. Some of the mechanical details include: 1,600 H.P, 244 engine, 26L brakes, roller bearings, good wheels, MU compatible, ready for service

PRICE:$ 92,000

For more info and photos please visit the Whats New page on our site.

Pics here:

  by thebigham

WV Surplus Property Sealed Bid Req. #09-06FOR SALE: Four (4) Alco diesel locomotives and Consolidation steam engine (built circa 1950s), Stuart and Fraunces Tavern dining cars (built circa 1920s-1930s), steel coaches and wooden caboose. FOR PROPER BID FORMS, contact Jennifer Lovejoy at 1-800-576-7587/304-766-2626.
FOR DETAILS ON RAILROAD CARS, contact Fred Bartells at 304-456-4300, ext. 108
  by thebigham
The Alco list at Yahoo! says they are exSouth Branch Valley units stored at Cass. Two MSR1s, an S2 and an S4.

  by traingeek8223
The RS3 in the Ozark mountain railcar add has some inaccuracies in the listing. First off it is not an RS3. It is an RS2 that looks like an RS3. It is ex. D&H 4020(the last D&H RS2 in existance), Long Island 1520, Detroit & Mackinac 977. The D&H moved the bat. boxes and the D&M replaced the fuel tank creating some of the confusion. If you look at the sides of the cab you can still see the fuel fill openings. It was also built in 1949 not 1952.
  by RS-3
Cool! Now I wonder who's roster a D&H RS-2 would fit in well with? Some place that would be a good home. Some place that it would get the TLC it deserves....

  by MEC407
It's getting harder to find railroads/organizations that are willing to take on a 244-powered unit, unfortunately.
  by BR&P
Whose roster would a $92,000 RS2 fit in well with? You've got to be kidding!
  by murray83
NBEC 1809,1830 and 1855 that were stored have been scrapped and 1814,1816,1834,1840 and 1854 on CN's list have been sold for scrap
  by ERIE 360
I had contacted CN with the intentions of possibly brokering a deal for some of the RS-18s but at $100,000+ a piece, the price was much too high. This was a per unit price. I am sure the scrapper got it for a lot less and at a great loss to Alco roads all over. Maybe it is not too late to get them out of the hands of the scrapper. Who might this scrapper be?

All is not lost.

And $92K for an RS-2 is way out of line. Some of these sellers need to get realistic. I would not be surprised if this one ends up getting cut up as well. I doubt it will be sold any time soon. While we are on the subject of Alcos, and the D&H and Road Switchers, does anyone know where the old DLWR 4085 ended up. I understand it spent some time on the Ontario Roads (ONCT?) and then was sold from that operation as well but where did it go and where is it today? Was it scrapped?
  by thebigham
According to John Mech's Alco Notes, it is now New York & Greenwood Lake #935.
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