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  by SecaucusJunction
Well they did raise the parking fees pretty high...
  by MNCRR9000
With about 81 Home Games they would need approximately 12,000 passengers per game to reach the 1 million passenger mark. Its going to be interesting to see what the ridership will be.
  by SecaucusJunction
Plenty of people riding MTA to the game last night... The station was quite crowded when i left after the game but it seemed that most people in the stands left before the game was over. This is really a great service as the service (even express service) is frequent on every line and fares are affordable. Great job by MTA with their service... it actually makes sense to use it.
  by nyrmetros
SecaucusJunction wrote:Well they did raise the parking fees pretty high...
Yea, $25 to park there now. I'm done going to Yankee Stadium unfortunately..... (actually I hate the new stadium so I'm not missing anything).

But yes any work on the ridership per game form that new station?
  by nyrmetros
Is the new station really popular?
  by checkthedoorlight
I was in New Haven Friday afternoon, and I can tell you that people were lining up for the 4:12PM Yankee clipper. I can imagine it was probably pretty packed by the time it got down to Stamford.

Funny how this service is doing well, yet NOBODY rode the football trains....
  by 7express
So, their now running direct on the weekdays too??

I thought it was just the weekend due to capacity/equipment issues.
  by Terrapin Station
checkthedoorlight wrote:Funny how this service is doing well, yet NOBODY rode the football trains....
If you believe the know-nothings who've told you that NOBODY rode the football trains, then I have a bridge to sell you...
  by Train322
Does anyone know why on May 20, the New Haven line train to the stadium got just past Rye on the express track, stopped and they announce trackwork ahead. They reversed at a relatively slow speed, almost back to CT line (east of Port Chester).

Than they proceeded on the same track.

Around 5:30pm.

  by nyrmetros
If the new MallPark in the Bronx holds 50, 000 , what's the average number of riders who have purchased Yankee Stadium MNR tickets for that game?
  by Jeff Smith
Looks like it's a hit this year!

http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/bron ... lWyBax58GP
Ridership at Metro-North Railroad's new stop at Yankee Stadium has skyrocketed 54 percent since the station opened a year ago -- no doubt getting a boost from its namesake team winning the World Series.

There were nearly 100,000 riders in June 2010 compared to about 65,000 in June 2009, the first full month the station was open, officials said.

And the seats aren't being filled only on game days.

About 150 daily commuters use the station to get into Manhattan or to suburban stops on the Hudson line, a 100-percent increase from June 2009.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/bron ... z0vON2elWj
  by Wayside Observer
I'm glad to hear that more people are using the Yankees game service. I've ridden it 3 times to Yankees games and I've found the service to be a great change from having to take a train 125 st, walk a block and then try to squeeze into subway cars. Aside from a slightly longer walk from the MN station as versus the subway station it is ideal for attending games.
  by 7express
They have a nice Yankee clipper on the New Haven line for tonight (8/8/10). 7581 to Yankee stadium. New Haven > Bridgeport > Yankees-E 153rd street. Any chance at all it could be a genisis consist, or is all Yankee stadium service MU's??
  by Wayside Observer
Since the New Haven Line as well as the Harlem and Hudson Lines are electrified, why bother runnging a Genesis powered train? If you want to ride one, then board the train at Harmon or Poughkeepsie.
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