• What is going to happen to the ALP-44s??

  • Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.
Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by Emmett
just to clarify, he believes that they are moving around in MMC.

  by andrewjw
do you have an actual source for this or did you just make it up? from your post on other threads/forums on this site I don't think you have any credibility
  by Dellbeam
From what I can tell about the ALP-44, they have been retired since 2011 and have not been moving around the NJ Transit railroads for over a decade. So your friend is probably making it up.
  by CNJGeep
If they are moving around it's not under their own power.
  by Ken W2KB
I've known about this for awhile but had to keep it confidential until this official announcement: "Welcome to the family, NJT 4424! We are incredibly proud to announce that this 1996 ALP-44 is now the newest artifact in the URHS collection! She arrived at her new home in Boonton Yard just last night.
No. 4424 is now the youngest piece of our collection by a wide margin, but that does not make it any less historic! The ALP-44 was the very first model of electric locomotive purchased new by NJ Transit. This particular engine is one of the ALP-44M variants, built especially for the MidTOWN DIRECT service in 1996–one of our state’s most significant rail infrastructure projects of the last 50 years. It can do 125 miles an hour, produce 7000 horsepower, all in a package half the size of its predecessors. Most importantly, it was part of the lives of tens of thousands of New Jersey commuters.
2023 is the 40th Anniversary of NJ Transit Rail Operations. As part of the celebration, URHS and NJT mutually decided that this was a prime opportunity to preserve this landmark locomotive. We sincerely thank NJ TRANSIT for this generous and thoughtful donation, and for their trust in our stewardship of it.
We also owe a huge thank you to the dozens of folks including the mechanical staff, office management, train crews, and volunteers who helped get 4424 here. The photo below, taken at 3 in the morning, is just a sampling of these railroad true believers.
Learn more about this new addition to the collection at www.urhs.org/njt4424. While you’re there, we want to hear your story with the ALP-44! Whether you were a railroad worker or a commuter, we want to hear your experiences and keep them as part of archive of personal stories.
No. 4424 will be available to view at this year’s Museum [for a day] on September 24, and at other opportunities to be announced! Stay tuned for more photos and ALP-44 content!" https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=75 ... 1953789471
  by Emmett
I'm very happy that #4424 was preserved! but i want one more thing from NJ transit. either preserve the rest at other museums (rrmpa to accompany the #915, or their own Njtransit museum, or any other one) OR the latter option and make on operational enough to do heritage runs or something.
  by chrisf
To be sure, RR Museum of PA would not want an NJ Transit locomotive as it's entirely out of scope for them, and they also already have an AEM7 anyway.
  by Emmett
ChrisF yeah i get your point, but my point was they could be sister units at the museum. but again, i see your point.
  by Kaback9
Locking this one up. They're not coming back folks. One is preserved, lets be happy with what we have.