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  by bdawe
The "Evergreen Extension", connecting Lougheed Town Centre station with Port Moody & Coquitlam is set to open on december 2 at noon (http://www.translink.ca/en/Plans-and-Pr ... oCi4vw_wcB" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;)


This 11 kilometer extension will once again mean that Vancouver posses the world's longest driverless automated railway in the world, taking back that record from Dubai. The extension is expected to see about 70,000 riders per day, and cost C$1.4 billion, including several kilometers of tunneling and viaducts. Also involved were service pattern changes to the rest of the Expo and Millenium Lines, so that Millenium Line trains no longer run through to waterfront from Lougheed, and service between Columbia and Lougheed (through Production Way) has been restructured as a branch of the Expo Line
  by AgentSkelly
I like how it changed from the Evergreen LINE to Evergreen Extension and they just changed the train routing.

While I was in town a few weeks ago, I was watching them test the line; however it was annoying that at Lougheed Town Centre, the northernmost platform is discharge only as they were emptying out inbound Millenium Line trains and sending the testing trains out from there.

And is the West Coast Express still operated by CPR or did they pick a new operator in 2013?
  by bdawe
The West Coast Express is operated by Bombardier

With respect to the Evergreen Extension, part of that comes from the fact that the Tri-Cities bigwigs became attached to the evergreen name, and so the mildly confusing 'extension' signage will be on everything for now.
  by AgentSkelly
Ah, well that's good...for a while it sounded like TransLink was going to have dead communter trains for a minute!

Yeah, I saw everywhere it previous said "Evergreen LINE" now has a sticker over it says "Evergreen EXTENSION" with a few lapses here and there.
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  by bdawe

I had a chance to ride the Evergreen Line end-to-end. The stations are nice, seem to have a fairly standard design. The extension is unique for the amount parking bundled, whereas formerly the Skytrain had seen relatively little bundled parking, which has helped build strong TOD and strong ridership.

The gap between Burquitlam Station and Moody Centre is very long. I do wonder if there will be any infill station along there in the future.

I would note that the Breweries of Port Moody are made much more accessible to the region now, and on Friday night they were fairly uniformly at capacity, though given that Port Moody beer is weirdly $1.50/$2 more expensive than similar operations in Vancouver, this might not be as good as it seems.
  by AgentSkelly
Wasn't there a few fill-in stations planned? I thought I rememeber seeing it. However, I wonder if some of that parking will give way once that "City of Lougheed" complex comes up.
  by Pensyfan19
I am once again asking for your support for my locomotive documentary series support by providing any information regarding West Coast Express 906, the railroad's backup MPI MP36. Did anything noteworthy happen in its 15 year career other than having ho and n gauge models made of it and being swapped out with F59s which needed maintenance?

This is all I could find on it. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/West_Coast_Express_906
  by Pensyfan19
Guess not...

So I decided to make my video anyways with the little information I had. Hope you enjoy.

  by Jeff Smith
https://www.railwayage.com/mw/for-metro ... placement/
For Metro Vancouver’s SkyTrain, C$35MM for Running Rail Replacement

The government of Canada and TransLink are each contributing C$17.498 million to replace approximately 12.6 miles (20.2 kilometers) of running rail and some 24,000 rail pads for SkyTrain’s Expo Line in metro Vancouver.

The maintenance project to optimize service and reduce noise levels will run through 2027, and cover the automated rapid transit system’s Expo Line connecting downtown Vancouver and the cities of Burnaby, New Westminster and Surrey. The Expo line comprises two routes—from Waterfront Station (downtown Vancouver) to King George Station (Surrey) and to Production Way–University Station (Burnaby)—and sees an average of approximately 24.9 million miles (40 million kilometers) of vehicular travel annually, according to TransLink.