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  by SST
Finally took a much needed vacation to Florida this year. Due to scheduling, I was able to catch a ride on the Tri-Rail from Fort Lauderdale-Airport north to the end of the line in West Palm Beach. It was nice and I'd do it again.

It is competitive with I-95. As we moved north, we passed some cars, held steady with others and of course we were over taken by others. The only quirk with this is that when we left the FLL station, there was a car accident over a crossing which caused a 30 minute delay. As we approached the crossing, we stopped again, the engineer got out, then the crossing gates went up. Eventually they came down and we started to cross. Then came to a stop blocking the road. Then crossed another road and then moved on without another delay. I also noticed that the new signals popping up around NY are in use down there. I would have taken more RR pictures but I displaced my cameras battery charger so I restricted how many pictures I could take. I still hadn't hit Miami Beach.

This first picture is my train arriving from Miami at the FLL-Airport station. Locomotive is on the backend. Push one-way, pull the other.


Next picture is the train I just got off of and at the end of the line in West Palm Beach and is about ready to depart.


Close up of the signals for the impending departure.


Train departing and signals red.


This picture was taken on my way back to FLL. This is RWY 09L at the FLL airport. I had hoped to get an arrival or departure in the picture but no luck.


After spending a couple of days on the beach I headed over to the Miami Airport. I went back to the place that is the Bomb Squadran on the service Rd. There is a track that runs in front of it. My camera had died an hour earlier. I tried to get my camera phone to work and things don't move fast enough and as luck would have it, two CSX trains rolled by. No signals were in view and there is a slight curve....no early warning for me. We'll try again next year.
  by Noel Weaver
This belongs on either the Tri-Rail forum or the Southeastern Forum but I enjoyed your photos anyway. To answer your question regarding the tracks at Miami Airport. The tracks that go around the airport belong to the Florida East Coast to the north and west and CSX on the south side of the airport where the interchange is located. I rode this interchange two years ago on the Amtrak demonstration train and it is an interesting but easy interchange. Only a switch to throw and a stop to either change crews or pick up pilots. We do have some pretty good railroading here in South Florida. The Florida East Coast is also worth watching, ATCS helps a lot here.

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Noel Weaver
  by SST
I had considered posting this elsewhere but everybody in FL already knows or has seen what I"ve posted. This was more of a share-my-vacation thing with my fellow New Yorkers. Plus, the signals kinda fit into NY due to the discussion of the new signals being installed around the state. So, I thought this was the best fit over all.
  by roadster
Brought back memories from my 4 month temp. transfer in '05. I still have the maps from Homestead to Auburndale and timetable I was issued.
  by charlie6017
roadster wrote:Brought back memories from my 4 month temp. transfer in '05. I still have the maps from Homestead to Auburndale and timetable I was issued.
Wow.......I remember when you were posting from down there, can't believe it has been that long!