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  by tytrain
On Monday (6/4) around 4:45 PM I saw a UP freight engine outside my window at work pushing at least one UP-painted passenger car south into Chicago between the Ravenswood and Clybourn stops. Anyone know what this move was? After four straight months here with the Metra line literally right outside my window, I was certainly taken by surprise to see yellow instead of blue!
  by eolesen
It was one of the UP safety (Operation Lifesaver) trains. They were in town for the week running on the various subs.
  by tytrain
Bumping this again because I noticed another unusual move - UPY 1488 heading northbound, light, about half an hour ago. I saw it south of the Ravenswood station and it passed by seconds after another northbound (I presume on a different track, obviously). This is only the second non-METRA engine I've ever seen on the North in almost two years (I work in a building with a view of the tracks, and the first engine is in this first post). I presume UP was just repositioning the engine, or was something else going on?
  by qboy
They picked up a bad order engine at Kenosha or Waukegan this afternoon and brought it back downtown.
  by Tadman
In similar news - lately UP stations (3) GP15's at Clybourn yard. This is opposed to the usual single engine parked there. Any idea what gives?