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  by transit man
Yes, I can confirm their existance; in fact I used them last month while in Sacramento. They are good on most transit systems in the East Bay and Sacramento area (except BART, Golden Gate, Muni and Sam Trans). When the conductor "punches" your ticket, ask for the transfers, You can obtain two transfers allowing for a round trip on the local transit system. They usually are valid for two or three days. Check the Capitol Corridor or San Joaquin schedule for more information.
  by Patrick Boylan
Are yoThat's something nice to remember next time I'm in the bay area. Where do Amtrak or the local transit systems publicize these free transfer tickets?
I assume they do it because these trains have extra state funding, which I think once upon a time had a '403b' schedule footnote. Now the schedules say "The San Joaquin is primarily financed through funds made available by California Department of Transportation"
San Joaquin schedule wrote: Free Transit Transfers
Now it’s even easier to get where you’re
going with Amtrak California’s Transit
Transfer Program. Just ask your Conductor
for a FREE Transit Transfer Pass (or two),
present it to any participating transit operator
upon boarding, and enjoy your local free ride
-- it’s that simple! For complete details visit:
Capitol Corridor schedule wrote: Ride free on East Bay AC Transit buses, Contra Costa County
Connection, Sacramento RT light rail and/or bus, Benicia Breeze,
e-Tran, Rio Vista Delta Breeze, WestCAT, Yolobus, UC Davis Unitrans,
Santa Clara VTA light rail and buses, and Fairfield/Suisun Transit.
Transfer also available on Amtrak San Joaquin trains. Passengers can
ask for up to two transfers for their round-trip transportation to/from the
train. Transfer is good through the following day.
• Use BART 20% discount ticket ($10 value ticket only $8), available
in the Cafe car, to ride BART service from the Richmond Intermodal
Station or Oakland Coliseum Station to San Francisco International
Airport and other destinations in the SF Bay Area.
For complete information, visit capitolcorridor.org or call 1-877-9-RIDECC
Does anybody know where else there's a free Amtrak-local transit transfer? Here in Philly we've for long had the ability to present an Amtrak ticket to ride free between 30th St and Suburban Stations, and since it opened in the 1980's to and from Market East station.