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  by Lackawanna484
I decided to create a new thread for this info from the 1910 Official Guide. Back then, the NYC and New Haven still used a lot of heritage protocols from older companies for train numbering.

Boston & Albany lines: Odd # outbound from Boston, Even # inbound
(also true of B&A branch lines: toward Boston was even)

Putnam line: Odd # outbound to Carmel

Harlem line: Odd # outbound to Chatham

Carthage line: Even # Utica - Carthage (nb), Odd # Carthage to Utica

Niagara Falls Line: Odd # Buffalo to Rochester. Even # Roch to Buff

Falls Road Line: Odd # Rochester to Niagara Falls, Even # NF to Roch

(Note these lines are roughly parallel)

West Shore: Odd # wb /nb to Albany

New Haven Lines

Berkshire Line: Even # NY to Pisttsfield, Od # Pitts to NYC

Shore Line: Even # NY to Boston, odd # Bos to NY

  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
Thank you Lakawanna for the information. Hope DutchRailNut reads this.

  by DutchRailnut
yes and like I said before this is how current numbering goes and it was same as NYC/PC/CR.
after 16 years of running trains on 4 lines and 3 branches I do know what directions they go.