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  by freightguy
Some man cave, maybe I’m missing something? 25 years ago that would’ve just been a shanty to kick back in. Maybe a poor choice of beverage this day in age, but the story on this hut seems way overblown. Just more sensationalism to push papers and apps.
  by BandA
The supervisor of the locksmith office....isn't a locksmith!

Former security chief said he had investigated the complaint & found it without evidence when it was not investigated. This implies he lied and was part of the coverup.

The coverup is always worse than the initial crime.

People were goldbricking while on overtime shifts!!

Claim that there were safety hazards. Pictures did not show any wiring hazards. So safety hazard claims are exaggerated. I'm sure the firefighters could bust through a drywall wall pretty quick.

Those cabinets & table were very nice. I assume they were made from MNRR plywood...
  by Jeff Smith
Back in the day, early in my military career, we had very inventive ways of hiding and killing time; I'm sure many do on the railroads. Still, this was pretty ballsy!