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  by Passenger
What is being built over them? I pass by there several times a week and I see the construction.

More condos?

Thank you.
  by MisterUptempo
A new office building, named River Point Chicago, with an address of 444 W. Lake Street, will eventually be built on the site. The building is slated to rise 45 stories, with a height of around 650 feet, though the developer has indicated that it may be built taller, if needs dictate. They are currently building a platform over the tracks, which will serve as an elevated plaza, as well as a smallish riverwalk.

Further details, with plenty of renderings, are available at the following:

  by EricL
Oh, ok, that's good to know that the actual building itself isn't going to be above the tracks. The "bridge" structure they built doesn't really look quite substantial enough to support a tower. It's more-or-less built like a highway viaduct.
  by Milwaukee_F40C
More stuff to hold water and decay, just like the ceiling above the north tracks of Union Station, and the lower level streets near the Wrigley Building.

Even though its associated with private development, these things never get maintained until the city is basically forced to do something about it. It should be low maintenance for about fifty years though.
  by Tadman
It'll be nice to see when they wrap the columns in cardboard to keep passerbys from getting tetanus, like they do on the far east platforms in the north concourse at CUS. Anybody see this?