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Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by Trains
Crabman1130 wrote:
checkthedoorlight wrote:The roofs of the C3s are grounded, so the catenary just scrapes along it
If the roofs are grounded wouldn't that cause a short? Maybe they are insulated?
How about we just say they designed the equipment so it clears the catenary? If the catenary touched the roof of a C3, the results would be nasty.
  by hrfcarl
jlr3266 wrote:Welcome to the public sector....
Even worse is the fact that LIRR & MN are divisions of MTA and still cannot coordinate efforts! One wants ESA, the other WSA and both could use additional space at NYP & GCT. The ESA plan/project could have been modifed to meet these needs - MTA only had 35+ years to come up with such a plan - and presented to Feds.
  by mark777
Probably related to the ESA project, the old shop building in Sunnyside yard is currently being demolished as we speak. as of last week, the entire west end of the building has been leveled. I assume the new tunnels would pass under that location onto 21st street.
  by Herring
Thank you for the info. The original plan of the ESA project did include a for a new Sunnyside station. Could that be the location of the new Sunnyside station?
  by jlr3266
No, that is just a building near the tunnels. The contractor can use the area for staging and Amtrak wants the building gone.
  by tun
Nice video. That dude needs to work a bit on not coming off so creepy in his delivery of his lines. :P
  by mark777
The proposed "new" Sunnyside station from the maps that I have, show that the station will be served by trains heading into Penn station and not GCT trains, although a new LIRR yard would be built in the current A Yard to store equipment for GCT. The station location looks to be west of the overpass where Queens BLVD and No. 7 train pass over, by Harold interlocking. But the maps I have were from some years back, so I don't know if they changed it recently? A bit of progress can be seen already at the east end of Harold where Amtrak NH line meets with the LIRR, but digging for the portals that will meet with the mainline at Harold havent been started yet.
  by nyrmetros
Great video. good to see the work already done. I'd like to know more thuogh about the tunneling unde sunnyside and the connection at Harold.
  by workextra
Being that Long Island has a high water table, has there been any issues of ground water seeping into the work area in the area around Sunny Side?
The work is slowly but steadily progressing. Some days work at Harold does not commence due to scheduling/manpower changes and or weather conditions, Along with other potential variables.
  by Head-end View
What is the purpose of a Sunnyside Station? I'm sure it'll be cheaper to take the subway from there to Manhattan. And there is already the Woodside Station serving that area of Queens if you want to go east. I'm surprised the LIRR would want to further slow the trip into and out of New York by creating one more stop.
  by workextra
That is a good question.
If they claim that other "Queens" stations are not worth resurrecting such as Woodhaven (Atlantic Branch), Regopark/Grand St (Mainline-West) or Elmhust (Pt. Washington Branch) Why is there all of a sudden this heavy demand for a station at Sunnyside?
  by tun
If it's where I heard it might be (on Queens Blvd. below the 7 train tracks right after 33rd St. - Rawson St.) then it seems even more useless.
  by BobLI
Some local politician probably demanded a Sunnyside station in his district, MTA said ok and we can waste millions of dollars (taxpayers) on the statio study and construction!
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