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  by doodaa
Could some one tell me the rules for taking pictures on METRA trains, from windows, and for taking pictures at Stations.



  by doepack
Metra allows photographers to take pictures of its trains from any public location, including station platforms. However, you may encounter problems taking pics at downtown terminals; it's not illegal, but some police officers mistakenly believe it is, and may ask you to stop. Use discretion and caution, be polite and abiding if approached by cops at any location. Taking pictures while onboard trains is also acceptable...

  by doodaa
Thanks for that, the reson i ask is that I have just spend all weekend taking pictures on and off trains I had also ask when i bought a ticket and was told it was ok, Then on my last train back from Harvard having been on there with the same crew for 4 hours, the told me 5 mins before geting back to Olgive that it was not allowed and they were going to have the police meet me. The condutor would not allow me to speak, just kept talking over what ever i tried to say, or ask. I was meet by not police by security guys, I was not given any names of anyone, and they said that there was no managers on duty as it was a sunday. I was a little annoyed, I went over to Union station to make enquirerys and the superviser could not be more helpful, she even came from her lunch to talk with me.


  by EJ&ESDM809
It seems at Union Station, Amtrak gives people a hard time about taking pictures more then Metra. As far as I know, Metra is known to give people a hard time at OTC more then any other Metra station as I have heard several people tell me they were told to leave because of taking pictures there.

  by byte
The reason railfans get a hard time at Oglivie is because it's not Metra that staffs the station or the trains. Those were Union Pacific employees that were giving you a hard time, who have a reputation for doing so. I don't know if you had heard about it, but a year or so ago the UP decided to ban photography outright on the Metra lines it runs, and although the decision was overturned because of pressure from Metra, the UP crews and railroad police are notorious for telling anyone with a camera to stop taking pictures and to go away.