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  by JamesT4
Recentley the SS moved it hyde park stop from 59th street to 55/56/57th Street.

This is better, because for the people who go to the museum on 57th street it is a closer walk, and it is a good thing for different reasons.
Do you think that the switch is good for commuters who ride the south shore to hyde park section of Chicago.

  by MikeF
The small number of commuters who ride the South Shore to Hyde Park will probably not be bothered by the relatively small change from 59th Street to 55th-56th-57th Streets. I'd think most of them would prefer the clean, modern facilities at the new station over the rundown IC-era station at 59th Street.

  by ChiTownHustler
Yeah, the 55-56-57 station rehab is nice. The museum is across the street from the 57th Street exit; and, both are equal distances from the University. And beighborhood-wise, 55-56-57 is in a better location. (closer to shops, people, bus connections)