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Whilst looking at the Clark/Lake subway station page over on Chicago-L.org, I noticed this little tidbit of information:

"Sound absorbing panels were installed on the tunnel walls in January 1996 (which, interestingly enough, covered up the barely-visible sealed-up intersection between the subway and the old LaSalle Street streetcar tunnel)."

Does anyone know what kind of intersection was there between the subway tunnel and the streetcar tunnel, and when it was sealed off? It seems unfeasible to build an intersection for trains, so was this just an access doorway to the old streetcar tunnel, or something larger?

And for that matter, does anyone know anything about the current state of the streetcar tunnels under the river? CERA was thinking about doing a fantrip walkthrough in them several years back, so I'd imagined they're not permanenly sealed, but the internet is lacking information on these tunnels, so if you have any, could you please post it? :P