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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by hsr_fan
There are no other BL2's? I thought that a tourist line in Maryland had one.

  by metman499
There is one in West Virginia lettered Western Maryland.
  by blockline4180
bwparker1 wrote:From Railpace:

LAST RUNNING BL2 CATCHES ON FIRE: On Thursday afternoon, August 16, the Stourbridge Line tourist train was returning from Hawley to Honesdale, Pa. when a fire errupted inside BL2 locomotive 54. Firefighters responded on board all terrain vehicles to a wooded area near White Mills to extinguish the blaze. Passengers returned to Honesdale on board a school bus. The BL2 unit, acquired by the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce in 1988 from the Bangor & Aroostook, is the last such locomotive known in service. It is not certain if this locomotive will return to service.(posted 8/20/06)
I heard they aren't running until further notice. In my opinion, I don't think they will run for the rest of the season as they don't have any other engine to pull the train....


  by thebigham
Are they "landlocked?"

Maybe they will borrow a loco?


  by Steamtown Observer
The line is out between Hawley and Lackawaxen which is the interchange point with the Central NY/NYS&W, so yes they are currently landlocked.


  by thebigham

  by Pj
Interesting that I found this thread. I was out there today and I remembered asking about the rehab of the line since the bridge was out.

Well, the tressle is still gone with no sign of work done (tracks still hanging in the air). The most I noticed is what looks like a vehicle gate erected before the bridge. It was raining, and I'll see how the pic looks before I post it.

  by hsr_fan
Which bridge are you talking about, the one right by the Hawley library?

  by hsr_fan
Holy crap! Okay, that's a different bridge than I was thinking of!

  by cjvrr
HSR Fan,

This is a little further east than the bridge near the library correct?

What amazes me is that the old structure is no where in site. I had seen a photo from the tracks soon after the storm, I don't think the steel structure was in that view either. Figuring the old structure lifted up and off the piers it may have been possible to reuse it, but without it even being in sight, that is not good.

  by blockline4180
So i guess they would have to completely restore that bridge if they plan on ever serving that steel customer? That is going to cost a lot of time and money!! Washouts have been too common lately! :(

  by Pj
Seeing as that was most likely an original bridge, I would think that a steel replacement bridge (pre fab kind of think) would be much simplier, quicker and cheaper to install. Not that I am a bridge engineer or anything... However, seeing as that the normal water level isn't high, I would guess that installing concrete piers really wouldn't be too hard and this could be done rather quickly.


  by thebigham
Thanks for the pic.


  by 56-57
it's running again.
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