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  by JLJ061
I just heard briefly on the news that a passenger train got hit a couple times by pot shots at the Gary Depot today.

Any more info on this, maybe it's the same guy who's been targeting the Indiana Toll Road the past few weeks?

  by PRRGuy
Ok, I figured this would come up so here's the first hand info...I was on that train during all this. The train in question was #207..a morning departure at 8:00am from Randolph st. This train turns at Gary-Metro for Train #214.
At some point between East Chicago and when the Carman brought the train up for spotting at Gary one of the emergency windows was noticed to have two "bullet holes" in them towards the middle of the window and very close together. Also, this window had a crack running vertically down the middle. In my opinion it looked more like damage from a B-B gun rather then a normal bullet firing weapon. These holes did not go thru the window. I don't believe that someone fired at the train at Gary because I do remember hearing something like a "pop" after East Chicago while parallel to the Indiana Toll Road.

  by JLJ061
Whoa, that must have been freaky.

Good thing nobody got hurt, thank God for FRA glazed windows!

  by AArnett
One question on this subject I must ask:

Has South Shore ridership seemingly increased due to the Sniper (Esp. for Gary and eastward passengers)? It seems to me that now taking the train would be safer than driving if you have to watch for suspicious activity over overpasses.

  by dinwitty
I am more afraid of a driver using a telephone than this incident, prolly some kid.

  by PRRGuy
To be honest, I haven't really noticed an increase in passengers from Gary westward due to this. Most likely those people are just finding another way to go north off of 94 like Calumet Ave or the toll road.
I do hope they catch this guy already, it's getting annoying..driving to work down Cline Ave...and now having it happen while at work.