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  by SignalBoy
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  by Otto Vondrak
Ok, I'll bite. Please tell me about the cab signal system they installed last year on the upper Harlem between Wassaic and that station formerly known as Brewster North... does it work the same way as the rest of the system? Are the blocks longer or shorter than other installations?

  by N340SG

Stick around. The questions will come. Also, if you haven't already, look at other forums such as LIRR and NJT. There are some signal/ATC questions and discussions.


  by SignalBoy
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  by ATK
I have a question regarding the on board systems. Did they ever get upgraded to accommodate for the "flashing 80" code? The Mets installed that high speed cross-over up in Cold Spring years ago -- did it ever go into service??? (I haven't been up that way in a while)

Regarding the differences between MNR cab signal and LIRR ATC, there must be some kind of compatibility between the two systems as the Amtrak Empire trains share a short stretch of track with LIRR between Penn and Sunnyside. Plus, wasn't there an Amtrak special that ran out to Shay Stadium a couple years ago?

  by Otto Vondrak
yo ATK- I wish you could see how much I roll my eyes everytime a railroader refers to Metro-North as "the Mets."

Yankee Fan

  by Mr Met
Let's go Mets :D :D :D :) :wink:

  by Otto Vondrak
Thanks for the info, MO. I always wondered about the Harlem Line... seems like the blocks were longer than other parts of the system. Always seemed like we'd get our signal knocked down near Chappaqua because of a slow train five or six miles ahead of us in Bedford Hills.

I miss the wayside signals.


  by DutchRailnut
Yup minimum headway from NWP to Brewster is 6 minutes the signal system goes from clear to approach to restricting. and use to have signals still for the freight moves, once Conrail got out the way sides were removed, but block lenght is kept the same.
So a train coming south at gets Medium north of Pleasantville cause the train ahead has just left Valhalla. the current timetable tries 5 minute headway on some trains but the scheduling people have not figured out the 6 minute headway for signals yet.

  by krispy
Hey MO!

Thanks for dropping by... I've got a couple for you. I'm ASSuming by your moniker you work in the vicinity of MO. Were you there when the tower was in operation? When was the cutover? Can you give any details of the old model 15 that was there, such how many levers, etc.

Thanks in advance...

  by Railjunkie

High speed crossover has been in service for about a year of two you do not receive any special signal when you are going to cross over speed on cross over is 80mph the same as track speed
  by Head-end View
Are there no more wayside signals in the Hawthorne-Thornwood-Pleasantville area? I remember about 10 years ago seeing signals on posts on both sides of the tracks where the ROW runs parallel to Commerce St. in Thornwood. I thought that those were new, having maybe been installed with the electrification in the 1980's?

And some of us remember the conventional searchlight signals on the Park Ave. Viaduct in Manhattan. Used to be great to watch them changing aspects in the other direction when you rode the rear window of an M-1 train. Glad I got to check that out before they were eliminated! :wink:

Heck, what's a railroad/signal buff to do in this modern era? Full-width cabs, no more wayside signals. Nothing to do except sit down and look out the side windows. What next? :(

  by DutchRailnut
MNCR has no more wayside signals other than the entry signals at interlockings. the Dwarf type signals can only didplay 3 aspects
stop = top and bottom red lights

proceed by cab signal = blinking green on middle light.

Absolute block= the two red blinking alternatly with the green one . the last one is used for trains with failed cab signal.