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MikeF wrote:
doepack wrote:That's a possibility, but in the case of NCS, perhaps at some point Metra could experiment with a weekend "shuttle" service, running between River Grove and Antioch. ... Could it be done? Should it be done? Why or why not? Open for discussion...
I would say no. Ostenstibly the shuttle would have to make a close connection with a Milwaukee West Line train; nobody would ride if they have to sit around at River Grove for half an hour waiting for their second train. So what happens if the North Central train is late getting to River Grove? MD-W passengers aren't going to be happy when their train has to wait at River Grove for the NCS train. Also keep in mind who rides on weekends -- a lot of family types who don't ride often and would likely find a mid-trip transfer confusing and cumbersome. It's only another 25 minutes to Union Station ... if they're going to run weekend trains, they should go all the way.
I will have to agree with MikeF, having a shuttle NCS on weekends won't work, not just because of the delays it will bring if one train is late, but also it wont attract many riders, because you got the UP-NW, and the MD-N lines which has weekend service, plus the MD-N is parriling the NCS by 5 miles to the east, and is faster.

Weekend shuttle service on the NCS would be just like the failed supplement pace rts.960 & 961 when the NCS bugan service in 1996, 960,& 961 only lasted untill 1998, because people drove to metra stations with all day service.

People would have a one seat ride to Downtown Chicago instead of transferring from one train to another, even on weekends.