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  by GirlOnTheTrain
It happens. They're working on a new master tower that will consolidate tower control of both levels of West 4th Street, 34th Street on Sixth Avenue and 42nd Street on Eighth Avenue.
  by Kurt
I found this 1974 Massimo Vignelli NYC Subway map in the mezzanine of 57 Street/6 Avenue on the F train this week. They had removed some advertisements, and it was still glued to the base. If you look closely, the Culver Shuttle is still posted, as it ended service in 1975
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  by Kurt

If you go, it was in the mezzanine, inside the fare control area near the token booth. IIRC, it faced away from the turnstiles.
  by Allan
Kurt wrote:Allan,

If you go, it was in the mezzanine, inside the fare control area near the token booth. IIRC, it faced away from the turnstiles.

I was in the area today. It is on the southern half of the mezzanine,

After 43 years it still looks in decent shape in-spite of the tears around the bottom and the obvious fading of some of the colors.

I wonder how long it will stay before it is covered up or removed.

It was on the news last night (Channel 11) and on the Gothamist website.
  by Kurt
Pretty cool that it made the news! When i was there, the plexiglass was a bit loose. The map is glued to the backing, so there is no way to take it down, without removing the board its on completely.
  by Jeff Smith
Nice to know we're being followed!
  by Allan
For two weekends - August 16-19, 2019 and August 23-26, 2019, the M is being routed via the D from 34th St/6th Av to 59th St-Columbus Circle where it then becomes a local along Central Park West (like the C) to 145th St (lower Level - like the B).

This is partially due to provide extra service as the 1, 2, and 3 trains are not running along 7th Av due to switch replacement at 96th St/Broadway. It is also partially due to the trackwork being done on the 63rd St (F) line tracks so the M cannot go to 96th St/2nd Av as it would normally do on weekends (to provide extra service due to work affecting the Canarsie tube (L)).

I rode the M from 145th to 59th and you should have seen the looks on peoples faces as they boarded along CPW. You could tell they thought it was a C train by the confused looks when they saw the FIND signs and the end digital signs showing M. One guy was constantly comparing the subway map he downloaded on his cell phone with the FIND listing of stops - I said to him: "Don't try to make sense of it. This is a special service reroute because the 1,2,and 3 trains are not running". His reply: "That's a good idea".