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  • General discussion of passenger rail proposals and systems not otherwise covered in the specific forums in this category, including high speed rail.
General discussion of passenger rail proposals and systems not otherwise covered in the specific forums in this category, including high speed rail.

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  by Jeff Smith
Progress Report: ProgressiveRailroading.com

Sound Transit touts construction progress on Northgate Link extension
Sound Transit late last week announced the Northgate Link extension has reached the 70 percent completion stage.

Pegged to start service in 2021, the 4.3-mile light-rail extension will transport riders between Northgate and downtown Seattle in about 14 minutes, Sound Transit officials said in a press release. The project is a major component of the agency's commitment to complete a 116-mile regional light-rail system by 2041 — the largest rail service expansion in the nation, they said.

Northgate Link construction progress shows track installation is near the 50 percent completion mark. In terms of station construction, Northgate is about 70 percent complete; Roosevelt, 70 percent finished; and University District, about 50 percent done.
  by lpetrich
I checked on System expansion | Sound Transit again, and the Tacoma Hilltop Extension is now under construction. It goes north to the Stadium District, then west and south to St. Joseph. There is a further extension proposed for there westward to Tacoma Community College.

Of the extensions in various stages of planning and design, the Lynnwood extension is the closest to construction, followed by the downtown-Redmond extension.

Seattle Streetcar | SDOT - no recent news on the Center City Connector for between the existing two lines, so I looked elsewhere and found Center City Connector streetcar gets the green light—and a much longer timeline - Curbed Seattle:
The office of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan finally gave the go-ahead for a downtown streetcar her office put on ice ten months ago—but, as the Seattle Times first reported, the city needs more money and more time than initially planned. In addition to rising cost estimates, the city’s timeline for completion has been moved to 2025, five years later than initially planned.
noting Mayor Durkan wants to build First Avenue streetcar, but even more money is needed | The Seattle Times
  by lpetrich
Kiewit Infrastructure West to build Federal Way Link Extension - "The 7.8-mile project will extend regional light rail from Angle Lake to Federal Way "

Rail News - Sound Transit advances light-rail extension projects. For Railroad Career Professionals About Federal Way:
It is anticipated that early demolition and utility relocation work will begin later this year, officials said. Major civil construction activities are expected to begin in 2020, with service scheduled to begin in 2024.
In planning:
Without extra funding, Sound Transit prefers elevated light rail to Ballard, West Seattle | king5.com - "Sound Transit picked an elevated line as the preferred option for the West Seattle and Ballard light rail extensions – if it doesn’t get third-party funds."
Transit CEO promises Everett will get its light rail on time | HeraldNet.com - the extra funding needed for WS and B tunneling would interfere with funding for Everett.
Sound Transit Says Everett Light Rail Is On Track | MYEVERETTNEWS.com
  by Rockingham Racer
When light rail gets to Everett, I guess that'll be the end of the north side Sounders.
  by ST Saint
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  by Jeff Smith
https://www.globenewswire.com/news-rele ... ities.html

Press Release Exception:

BERLIN, May 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Note to editors: To view the photo associated with this press release, please visit the following link: https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/ ... 4cdff326ab

Global mobility solution provider Bombardier Transportation has signed contracts for 28 BOMBARDIER BiLevel commuter rail cars with two US West Coast transportation authorities in a procurement led by the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit) in Seattle, Washington. The total combined value of the contracts is approximately $108 million US (99 million euro).

The two contracts represent a combination of eight cab cars and 20 coaches and include options for 33 additional rail cars. The cars will be built at Bombardier’s manufacturing site in Thunder Bay, Canada and deliveries are scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2021.

“We are very happy to serve our valued, long-term commuter rail car customers as they expand and improve their fleets to meet ridership needs and enhance the passenger experience,” said Elliot G. (Lee) Sander, President, America’s Region, Bombardier Transportation. “These new orders are a demonstration of continued confidence in the BiLevel commuter rail car, a service-proven transit solution that delivers unparalleled reliability.”

First introduced in 1978, the BiLevel car is the most popular double-deck commuter rail car in North America and is in operation at 14 transportation authorities across Canada and the United States. One of the keys to the BiLevel car’s success has been its ability to adapt to meet changing needs and requirements. The latest steps in that evolution include BiLevel cars equipped with a Crash Energy Management system, full width cab, upgrades to door and air conditioning systems and enhancements to passenger amenities. A more aerodynamic cab car and new lighting will reduce fuel consumption and increase energy efficiency. While fully complying with U.S. Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and American Public Transportation Association (APTA) standards, the BiLevel car is the lightest and most cost-efficient double-deck car in North America.

About Bombardier Transportation
Bombardier Transportation is a global mobility solution provider leading the way with the rail industry’s broadest portfolio. It covers the full spectrum of solutions, ranging from trains to sub-systems and signalling to complete turnkey transport systems, e-mobility technology and data-driven maintenance services. Combining technology and performance with empathy, Bombardier Transportation continuously breaks new ground in sustainable mobility by providing integrated solutions that create substantial benefits for operators, passengers and the environment. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Bombardier Transportation employs around 36,000 people and its products and services operate in over 60 countries.

About Bombardier
With over 60,000 employees across two business segments, Bombardier is a global leader in the transportation industry, creating innovative and game-changing planes and trains. Our products and services provide world-class transportation experiences that set new standards in passenger comfort, energy efficiency, reliability and safety.

Headquartered in Montréal, Canada, Bombardier has production and engineering sites in over 25 countries across the segments of Aviation and Transportation. Bombardier shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (BBD). In the fiscal year ended December 31, 2019, Bombardier posted revenues of $15.8 billion. News and information are available at bombardier.com or follow us on Twitter @Bombardier.

Notes to editors
For news, related material and photos, visit our newsroom at www.rail.bombardier.com/en/newsroom.html. Please subscribe to our RSS Feed to receive press releases or follow Bombardier Transportation on Twitter @BombardierRail.

Bombardier and BiLevel are trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.

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You can also contact one of our worldwide contacts for specific press inquiries.
  by MattW
Who's the second agency?
  by Jeff Smith
I was wondering that, too! Couldn't find it.
  by ST Saint
Jeff Smith wrote: Thu May 28, 2020 2:14 pm I was wondering that, too! Couldn't find it.
Pretty sure ACE Rail. I've seen NCTD's name thrown around too, but they may not have went forward with a group buy.

ST is getting 8 cars, 3 cabs (at least to start).
  by Backshophoss
3rd gen of the "Sauage" Cab Car,GOT/Metrolynx was the 2nd gen Cab Car,1st Gen Cab Cars still lead for NMRX Railrunner,ACE,UTA Frontrunner,SCAX-Metrolink turned their cab cars into coaches,replased by Rotem Cab Cars.
  by lpetrich
Northgate Link Extension Stations Opening October 2nd | Sound Transit - U District Station, Roosevelt Station and Northgate Station

All north of the University of Washington.

Northgate Link Extension | Project map and summary | Sound Transit

From the announced opening date, it seems like the construction is in its final stages. There isn't much to see with Google Maps, because nearly all of this extension is underground. The line emerges at the Maple Leaf Portal, a bit north of 92nd St. It then parallels I-5 northward on the freeway's east side. The tracks looked largely done, though there were construction vehicles on the tracks.

Lynnwood Link Extension | Project map and summary | Sound Transit

The trackway ended abruptly a little north of Northgate station, but looking further northward, ground clearing and partial trackway construction was evident. Starting a little south of 205th St. were some pits. Foundations for trackway pillars?

The track goes from east to west of the freeway a little north of 236th St. It went further northward from the freeway at 208th St. and it ended at 200th St. and 44th Ave.

The Lynnwood extension should be done in 2024.

Everett Link Extension | Project map and summary | Sound Transit - from Lynnwood to Everett, projected for 2036.
  by lpetrich
East Link Extension | Project map and summary | Sound Transit

The line emerges at Seattle Blvd. & Dearborn St., near Union Station, and continues south-southeast to I-90, then follows that freeway eastward. The trackway seemed done, though the tracks were rather patchy. At 23rd Ave., the LR line joined the freeway in Mount Baker Tunnel, emerging at Lake Washington Blvd. It seems to have its own tunnel bore(s), however.

The Lake Washington bridge has its tracks in place, and tracks are in place for Mercer Island and South Bellevue up to SE 15th St. The trackway goes under 112th Ave. and the tracks start again at SE 9th St. The tracks continue to be patchy all the way to Main St. where there is a tunnel portal to the southwest.

The trackway emerges at NE 6th St., tracks and all, in downtown Bellevue, and continue eastward then northward. At Spring Blvd. is a light-rail yard, with the tracks turning eastward before entering it. The tracks continue to be patchy as the line goes northeast. Construction ends at Redmond Technology Station, SE of NE 40th St. and SR-520.

Downtown Redmond Link Extension | Project map and summary | Sound Transit

There is little or no evidence of construction there.
  by lpetrich
Federal Way Link Extension | Project map and summary | Sound Transit

South of Angle Lake. "Planning and construction", but no evidence of construction in Google Maps. But the project's news page mentions such construction as South 216th Street closed for Federal Way Link construction | Sound Transit

Tacoma Dome Link Extension | Project map and summary | Sound Transit - from Federal Way to downtown Tacoma. In planning.

Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension | Project map and summary | Sound Transit

The tracks are in place from the existing line to N 1st and E Sts., and then up to Division Ave., where only one track has been built, and built out to J St. The route turns southward into MLK Way, but tracks are only evident south of S 9th St. One of the tracks stops a bit south of Earnest S Brazill St. and the remaining one at S 18th St., the end of this extension.

TCC Tacoma Link Extension | Project map and summary | Sound Transit

Continuing westward to Tacoma Community College. In planning.
  by ST Saint
lpetrich wrote: Sun Jul 25, 2021 9:11 pm Federal Way Link Extension | Project map and summary | Sound Transit

South of Angle Lake. "Planning and construction", but no evidence of construction in Google Maps. But the project's news page mentions such construction as South 216th Street closed for Federal Way Link construction | Sound Transit
There's been a lot of progress on this one. The aerial spans are going up in SeaTac and Kent and most of the ROW has been cleared through Federal way. The Kent/Des Moines station and garage are in the early stages of construction.

Here is a video update from April.
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