• Saw a few odd train combos last few weeks

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Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by matawanaberdeen
I normally wouldn't post something like this, because I don't look for it. I now work where I see a lot of trains go by, and saw some really odd train combos outside of the Aberdeen/Matawan train station. One was a diesel locomotive pulling, a passenger car and then 2 electric locomotives then like 4 cars again. That will show you how much I'm into this, I have no idea what train cars they are, no idea what models other than they were not double deck cars. I also saw something similar to that over the last month but can't remember the exact combo. For all you guys out there that study this stuff, why are there trains made up like this in the first place? What is the purpose?
  by matawanaberdeen
OK cool, it just seemed odd, and I had no idea what I was seeing, thanks.
  by Hymek
I've seen similar moves, often late in the evening with consists running just ahead of regular NJCL trains from NYP.

I'm no expert either, but they looked like equipment moves to me.
  by matawanaberdeen
Yeah I guess that makes sense. I have no idea about any of this. Just reported what I saw. I see lots of trains now every week day. Will report other odd findings. Again I'm not a real railfan, just see them during the day working.
  by GSC
More often than not, I see an equipment move on Sunday nights just behind the 11:00 pm westbound in Bradley Beach. Can be any number of things in the move. Oddest consist so far was two Comets, a dual-power loco (backwards) and two multi-levels. It came back eastbound the same way, but turned, the Comets in the lead going back.
  by NJT4149
I've seen this move a few times in Belmar. This move is symboled MM08 and runs from the MMC to Bay Head. They usually run on Sunday nights, but I've seen them on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursday's. I caught something very similar last summer; that consist was a Comet V, a backwards dual mode, a Comet IIM, and a Multilevel. The best consist I've seen on this move was in July of last year. That consist had the last two NJT F40s, a Comet, a dual mode, and a few more Comets. That video can be found here: https://youtu.be/DJ7X9CQRMWs" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by NJT4149
MM08 running earlier tonight; they should be following 7273. They should be going to Bay Head as well, in which case they should follow 4773, the 10:01 in Bradley Beach
  by NJT4149
MM08 in Bay Head at 23:06 with 4303 and a Comet V cab car. They will be heading back to the MMC in Kearny shortly.
  by CNJ Fan 4evr
I caught a strange northbound at Matawan a couple years back. Comet 4 control car, (2) Alp45 DPs and then about 5 comet 3s and 4s. This was the afternoon train.
  by matawanaberdeen
Here is an odd one, not a train combo but something weird I saw. This was again out side Matawan/Aberdeen and it was one of those new Diesel/Electric locomotive[don't know the model #] but it was in diesel mode not electric even though of course this was in an electrified part of the system. Hope you understand my post I don't know much of the train lingo. Anyway why wouldn't this Locomotive be in electric mode?
  by ThirdRail7
I can think of a few reasons for why an ALP-45DP may operate in diesel mode in electrified territory.

1) Perhaps there was a catenary outage.
2) Perhaps it was heading from one non electrified territory to another non electrified territory (e.g. from Bay Head to Raritan) so it was kept in diesel mode for the entire trip.
3) There was problem with the engine that only allowed it to operate in diesel mode.
4) Perhaps it was a test train.
  by srock1028
You saw train 3326 on Thursday August 18th I'm guessing. This train's engine had issues switching from Diesel to Electric at Long Branch and the decision was made to operate into Newark in Diesel mode where the train would be met by mechanical and cancelled if the issue couldn't be fixed. Mechanical in South Amboy first met the train and were able to get the engine into electric mode and it continued into New York.
  by matawanaberdeen
Wow that was a detailed answer, thank you. That makes perfect sense. You guys on here always have the answer.
  by GSC
How's this for an odd combo?

GP40 4202 and four matching Comet V coaches! Saw it on the NJCL thru Bradley Beach Friday, back and forth a few times, doing Long Branch - Bay Head shuttles.

Probably a reassignment of equipment after Hoboken, just odd to see a matching set of coaches, normally Comet "black window" coaches and a "silver window" Comet V cab car.