• Salem County Line - Swedesboro to Salem - Operated by: West Jersey, SRNJ, US Rail, SMS

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by Bracdude181
Interesting. I did not know they were shipping sand to NY by barge…

Just on the glass plant, I know that was the only thing keeping this line going for a while but what happened with the plan for Empire Blended in Salem to get rail cars? I heard they had a disagreement with the SRNJ over a section of track and wether or not it was fixed as part of the line rehab done several years back. Maybe SMS could make that work of EB is still interested?
  by Bracdude181
What about the Woodstown Farmers Market? They were getting a couple cars a year under SRNJ. Or at least they were until SRNJ started to have this weird aversion to going past Woodbury Junction.

Or Mannington Mills. What about them? They have a few sidings there.
  by pdtrains
so how about as recap here...this whole thing is somewhat confusing to those of us who havent been following closely...

SMS is now operating from where to where?
They interchange with who, where?
Woodstown farmers market gets cars of what? and how far is there siding from the SMS interchange (in other words, are they hauiing freight any distance, or just a mile or less?

SMS brought a GP-38 down from Albany? or what power are they using.

whose line was this originally. and is part of the original line abandoned at this point.

a million years ago i used to drive down to an auction down in that area. I remember crossing a very branchline looking track in swedesboro, but never really figured out all the history.

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