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  by Gilbert B Norman
Last evening, there was a grade crossing incident on the BNSF at LaVergne resulting in the cancellation of #1289 (7P) and a delay to 1291(740P).

After a Dinner meet-up with RRNET Member Tad Dunville at Miller's Pub, I had intended to go to the Chicago Symphony if any walk-up tickets were available. However, as I was walking up to the Box Office I was asking myself am I really up to it for a program of works I know by heart (Tchaikovsky Sym #6 Pathétique, Korngold Violin Concerto) with both a "second string' Conductor and soloist. Even as much as the Symphony is a cornerstone in this life, "not tonight" became the word and I turned around and started hoofing to CUS.

I intended to take BNSF 1289, 7PM, home, but as I was navigating my way through the various indigents (I really think Amtrak Police could do a better job running 'em off, but then some homeless advocacy group would be quick to scream brutality, civil rights, whatever), I heard the announcement that there had been a "grade crossing incident at La Vergne, 7PM cancelled next train 740P (BNSF 1291)". I quickly staked out a seat in the Amtrak Baggage Room (seats like in the Amtrak Waiting Room; adequate enough lighting so I have half a chance of being able to read) and started in with a Times Magazine. A few more announcements this time sounding like from someone more "in the know" (of course someone had to make the comment "this one's a better actor than the last one"); at about 720P another saying that inbound equipment is now through the incident (they used the word incident, not just me like I always do at RRNET) scene and will be at the station in about 15 minutes. About 740P, announcement: "740P train now boarding and will leave as soon as everyone's aboard'. 1291 left about 753P, did not make the extra stops like La Vergne and Highlands, AND arrived Clarendon Hills 840P. I was home 855P; in bed at my normal 9P.

Obviously the incident was "minor" in scope, but all told, I give the BNSF an "A-" for keeping METRA's passengers informed.