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  by gearhead
Of all the bus companies this ones name is very interesting.
  by justalurker66
A company has to have a name ... that one seems to work. The company has been around for a long time.
  by virtualchuck
I would be interested to see what the deal with this company is. It appears to be based out of Indiana. Their busses almost never have anyone on them, so that’s why I am assuming they are another form of failed public transit.

  by EricL
As far as I can tell, they seem to be one of the several "shuttle people between train stations and employment centers" outfits... I could be wrong.
  by byte
I believe you're correct, Eric. There's always a Free Enterprise bus waiting next to La Salle street in the AM, waiting to take people to Oglivie (presumably for a Metra -> Metra morning commute). I know that if I was commuting like that and the price was good, I'd consider it over the CTA "L" since it can presumably get you there curb-to-curb.

Free Enterprise's website indicates they do a lot of charter business & airport shuttles. That's probably where most of their money is made. My observation is that the La Salle - Oglivie shuttle I see usually has a fair amount of people on it (and if it hasn't yet arrived, there's a line waiting) and the buses look to be clean and well-maintained.
  by Jeff Smith
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1. No context in original topic. Why is the name interesting?

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