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  by Train60
Not the kind of message that you hear everyday over the public address system on a DB ICE.

  by Gilbert B Norman
From Imlauer Pitter Hotel Salzburg--

Talk about going to the other extreme from this "little DB misroute:


At a Mozart Matinee concert today, I met a couple, English speaking "of sorts" that were on an excursion aboard this train. Since it does not appear to have any sleeper accommodations, so I guess they tie up at various Five Star hotels.

This hotel from which I now write, Four Star, but still very nice.
  by Gilbert B Norman
DB and other roads a "whipping boy" regarding cross border journeys:

New York Times

Fair Use:
CZECH-GERMAN BORDER — The lanky man bent down to examine a rusted railroad track that cut across the empty square of a small, forgotten town, shaking his head at the weeds poking up.

“Disappointing,” was his verdict, the ruling perhaps influenced by the shuttered brick train station accumulating cobwebs in the German border town of Seifhennersdorf, not far from the Czech Republic.

By profession, Jon Worth is a university lecturer in political communications. By passion, he is the self-anointed inspector of Europe’s railroads. And he has tasked himself with addressing a dilemma: Why isn’t it easier to traverse European borders by rail?

No one asked him to undertake this mission, but his justification is clear. In order for Europe to live up to its ambitions to lead the globe to carbon neutrality, it needs to get people out of planes and cars.
I'm certain The War has brought about these "inconveniences" as the various nations have suspended the open access arising from the Schoengen Agreement. The war will end...eventually.
  by Jeff Smith
https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2023/ ... ap-germany
Firefighters rescue passengers from stricken train in latest Deutsche Bahn mishap

Firefighters had to rescue about 1,200 passengers onboard a regional express train that broke down south-east of Berlin at the weekend, in the latest in a string of failures and mishaps to befall the national rail service, Deutsche Bahn.

The firefighters had to force open the train’s doors to free passengers, some of whom were suffering from heat exhaustion after a lengthy holdup in the train in which the air conditioning failed.

Footage showed passengers, including some in wheelchairs and children in prams, being brought to safety along a forest track by firefighters. Thermal cameras were flown over the forest to ensure that no passengers had been left behind while other train traffic in the area was brought to a standstill amid fears of passengers on the tracks.

The incident was the latest in a series of reports of malfunctioning trains, cancelled and delayed services and faulty rail infrastructure. Deutsche Bahn puts the problems down to a chronic lack of investment and a personnel shortage, which has worsened since the pandemic.
  by Gilbert B Norman
What shall befall me when I go over during August?

Of course, I'll be on DB, Munich-Airport - Salzburg, but I'm also thinking a day trip Salzburg-Nurenberg to ride the ICE and also to see where the Post WWII Trials were held.
  by David Benton
Of course one should note that they normally count more than a couple of minutes late as late , unlike others where 15-30 minutes late is ontime. the perception of a very late train is probably different.
  by ExCon90
Traditionally, the German and Swiss railways have shown in their public timetables the minimum times passengers should allow for changing trains at major stations; it's almost always less than ten minutes. In Germany, as a rule ICE connections are cross-platform, with each class across from the same class on the other train.
  by Gilbert B Norman
DB continues to "get no respect:

Wall Street Journal

Fair Use:
Germany, the land of meticulous planning and clockwork punctuality, can’t seem to make its trains run on time.

Last year, a third of all long-distance trains operated by Germany’s national railway company Deutsche Bahn ran late, the worst showing in 10 years, deepening an existential crisis in a country where failing to show up on time is verboten.
Well, next week I find out first hand. While I mainly go to attend events at the Salzburg Festival (only three; not this "marathon" done by The Times' music critic - guess The Times wanted "bang for their buck" - but then, how many newspapers nowadays can bankroll such a junket?), but I still want to take the day trip to Nuremberg I outlined in my immediate post, and also another to Villach - the only major city in Austria I have yet to visit.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Well, DB just took my $99 (2nd Class good any train) for a Munich Airport (that's S-Bahn to Munich Ost) ride to Salzburg next Thursday and a return the following Wednesday.

So far as "going", they "get there when they get there". Now the return, while I used to take an 8A from Salzburg to be on a 1220P flight, that's in the past. Now it's a 515A train with intent of getting to EDDM/MUC at 830A for an 1130A flight. In addition to DB reported "Amtrak like reliability", there are again, with the Migrants and The War, border formalities entering Germany at Freilassing. Last year, it was after just seeing my Passport (it could have been expired or a fake) it was a smile and a perfect English "Thank You" from "Miss Polizei" (if there were a Fraulein Polizei calendar, she'd be in it).

But it also could be a shakedown as I experienced leaving East Berlin during '90 (apparently I never officially entered, so how can I exit - guess I was a spy who parachuted in?).
  by David Benton
Safe travels, Mr Norman.
Been 30 years, but the Munchen transport/ technology museum was worth a visit .
  by ExCon90
Absolutely. So is the one at. Nuremberg.

But catching trains at 5 am? Now there's a music lover.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Mr. Ex Con, it is just my "comfort level".

When my return flight from EDDM/MUC left at 1220P and "German precision" was unquestioned, an 8A Intercity from Salzburg was just fine. However, considering, first, the flight now leaves 1130A, and some of the obstacles of late, such as one year a "Lochfuehrerstricken" (in plain English, a strike by Engineers), and now formalities to enter Germany (COVID, Migrants, The War), extra time is warranted. To make matters even more fun, that 515A train is an EMU Bavarian Regional. On board Kaffee? what's that! Both Starbucks and MickeyD at Salzburg Hbf are closed at that hour.

But alas, Lufthansa has a nice Lounge at EDDM, which is open to United passengers.
  by Jeff Smith
Mssr. Norman:

Polizie - the Police
Polizist - Policeman
Polizistin - Policewoman
Herr Polizist - Officer (male)
Frau Polizistin - Officer (female)
  by Gilbert B Norman
Could Amtrak ever be so informative?

Ubersee-Traunstein appears to be a 15 klick stretch to the East of Lake Chemise, which is East of Munich and big enough to be visible on anybody's map.

Honestly, what do I care; can't get into the hotel in Salzburg tomorrow until 3P, so "gets there when it gets there" is fine by me.

But who knows, might there be a "Busersatz"?
  by Gilbert B Norman
From aboard OBB Rail Jet 260 near Rosenheim DE--

Today I'm going to Nuremberg to see the Trials Museum - and my first ride on an ICE from Munich.