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  by Blutorse4792
On the new Great Train Story layout at the Museum of Science and Industry, there's an HO Model of a South Shore MU that runs from the city into Indiana Dunes. Does anyone know who made this model, and where it can be bought from?

  by Tadman
I'm sure those were scratch built or kitbashed. Some brass NICTD models turn up on ebay some times, and also there was a transit models company that makes SEPTA silverliners and LIRR M1's as well as CSS/NICTD MU's. Google, it, cos I can't remember their name. The guy who owns the company typically posts his new models on some of the eastern forums here at RR.net - maybe send Otto Vondrak a PM, he might remember.

  by dinwitty
now you just made me have to go see this layout now.....8-D


thats the link to the SS cars as stated

  by byte
A lot of the stuff on that layout is completely kitbashed, and I think those IHP models are fairly new (within the past year or so) so the ones on the MSI layout are probably one of a kind. If one takes a look at the CTA "L" cars they have running on that layout, you'll notice that their trucks are of the EMD two-axle variety. I wouldn't be surprised if the CSS&SB cars have the same origin

  by PRRGuy
I went to see that layout about a month ago...(Via the South Shore) naturally. I thought having the 1 CSS car on the layout was cool except I noticed that there's no overhead wire or pantographs on the car.