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  by Peggysue28
Can anyone help pls.
We are travelling on The Canadian in a 2pax bedroom. But have just realised that hubby on top bunk will need access to a power point (CPap machine) does anyone know if there is a power point up there or will we have to trail an ext cord from nearest point at ground level. I unfortunately am unable to climb the ladder due to a bad hip.
Many thx in advance for any replies
  by Ken V
Welcome Peggysue28. I see this topic has bounced around between different subject boards so I hope you can still find it.

The electrical outlet in a cabin for two is located beside the sink (basin) about mid-way up the wall. It is not situated all that close to the bunks so an extension cord would be most likely required. One about 4-5 metres in length should probably suffice but I would recommend a longer one if possible. I also suggest bringing some tape along to affix the wires to the wall to keep it out of your way.

I hope you and your husband enjoy your trip.
  by warwgn3
You will have to use the extension cord. There is only 110v plug in the room, located right next to the vanity mirror and sink.
  by 3rdrail
Any of you guys have a schematic with measurements of those 2x bedrooms ? I sleep with a CPAP also. Mine, a Philips, has about 8' of cord between the electrical cord, adapter cord, and bellows for face mask. Is the outlet more than 8' away from his pillow ? Of course, any machine is likely to differ, but at least this way you'd know.
  by Peggysue28
Thank you all. Looks like an ext cord it will be but sort of assumed that anyway. On the same track thinking keeping cord away & securing the machine as best we can so that it does not fall. It is a smaller travel version than the normal every day one. He does have another option which may be best in the long run Thx again all