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  by sipes23
So it sounds like Plainfield East High School has chartered a Metra train to take the kids to prom at Union Station.

http://pehs.psd202.org/pages/Plainfield ... fic_Inform
This is an important message for our students attending Prom This FRIDAY, May 1. All attending students are to arrive at the Rt. 59 Metra Station at 5:30PM for check-in. Students need to utilize the Aurora side parking lot.
So here's what I didn't know. You can charter a Metra train?

I knew you could charter a CTA train, but Metra?
  by CHTT1
I don't think it's easy, but it can be done. Illinois Railway Museum chartered a train of Highliners for a tour of Metra Electric earlier this year and I recall the Chicago Chapter, NRHS, chartered a "Farewell to the E's" train on the BNSF years ago.
  by sipes23
Interesting, I had no idea.
  by ExCon90
Most public transportation authorities will at least take a look at anything that brings in revenue greater than the costs.
  by Tadman
I saw this earlier in the paper - what fun. When I was in college we used to go out to Colorado with the ski club and I always wished we could take a charter train rather than fly or bus. The year we went to Steamboat, I noticed the ex-DRGW Craig branch went right through town. Oh well, good for these kids though.