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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by AceMacSD
1ceman23 wrote: Thu May 18, 2023 9:54 am Hi All, in regards to NS H70, did I read correctly in a prior post that the crew uses their cell phones (not a radio transmission over NJT 161.400) to get permission to enter the NJT Main at HX? I got a new scanner and am trying to get acquainted when H70 departs so I can catch it, so wondering if the scanner will notify me or not... thx! - PhilZ
Spoke with an NS guy this weekend. They aren't permitted to use their cell phones. They call the yardmaster on the radio, then the yardmaster calls NJT on the phone for the signals.
  by waldwickrailfan
Bracdude181 wrote:Didn’t know these Dash 9 and SD70 rebuilds had PTC compatible with what NJT uses.
The Hoboken Division uses a different kind of PTC. All NS units with PTC are compatible with it.
  by Bracdude181
Is it that IETMS or whatever it is that NS uses on the Hoboken Division?
  by waldwickrailfan
H70 WB Ramsey 21:23
NS AC44C6M 4140
NS SD70ACe 1100
  by Bracdude181
NS 4185
NS 7637
30 Cars. Leaving Croxton now.
  by waldwickrailfan
H70 WB Ramsey 20:24
NS SD70ACe 1149
UP SD70ACe-T4 3068
  by waldwickrailfan
H70 sitting at HX as of 19:27
NS D9-44CW 9662 [THB]
NS SD70ACC 1819
Sizable train 
  by Bracdude181
Liking the different power we’ve been seeing. I gotta get back to Waldwick soon if this keeps up.
  by waldwickrailfan
H70 WB Ramsey 21:53
NS ET44AC 3626
NS AC44C6M 4116
-44 cars
  by waldwickrailfan
H70 WB Ho-Ho-Kus 20:48
NS AC44C6M’s 4504 & 4109
-24 cars
  by waldwickrailfan
H70 WB WC 20:18
NS AC44C6M 4456
  by waldwickrailfan
H70 WB Allendale 22:14
NS SD60E 6949
-16 cars
  by waldwickrailfan
H70 WB Ho-Ho-Kus 20:15
NS SD60E 6949
UP ES44AC 5466
-38 cars
  by waldwickrailfan
H70 WB Allendale 23:23
NS SD60E 6949
UP ES44AC 5466
  by Bracdude181
What?! UP again?
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