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Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by lensovet
Bracdude181 wrote: Thu Feb 16, 2023 12:07 am While we are on the topic of the Delco lead, when do they plan to work on the track that the directs use? It’s in rough shape and the trains lean over a bit when they go over it.
Let's keep this thread to the new station; Delco lead can be discussed in its own thread.
  by ApproachMedium
Maybe it isnt? idk but i was pretty sure thru NJT people i know, that it was.
  by pumpers
OK, looking at this recently posted rendering of the new North Brunswick station helps me sort it out:
https://www.middlesexcountynj.gov/home/ ... 6495130000 . By looking carefully (at the triangular shaped catenary hangers on the right (south east) side of the platform), there are 4 tracks to the right of the platform. The existing NEC I assume.

Looking at this rendering https://www.nj.com/news/2023/02/commute ... utType=amp , there are 2 tracks on the left side (northwest) side of the platform. The moved Delco lead, and a 2nd Delco track I assume.

What is interesting is that both of the renderings show a passenger train on the right Delco lead in addition to the "westbound local" NEC track. I suppose the one on the "westbound local track is coming from New York Penn station and continuing to Trenton, while the one on the Delco lead is coming from NYP and will now reverse to Jersey Ave yard for the night (or coming from layover at Jersey Ave and will reverse to NYP). Whether these will both ever happen at the same time, who knows....
  by pumpers
From the direction of the sun's shadow of the sun in the renderings, the time looks like early afternoon. Probably the two trains weren't picked because of a typical traffic pattern at that time!
  by F40
Will North Brunswick have the same or similar service levels to Jersey Av, which is a park and ride with no weekend service? (I guess makes sense if North B. is also a park and ride and because of the track setup).
  by pumpers
Dumb question. Is the new North Brunswick station supposed to replace Jersey Ave, or will both be in operation? Or tbd?
There is one heck of a lot of parking at Jersey Ave.
  by Roadgeek Adam
Both in operation. Jersey Avenue has a major reverse commuter crowd because of the industries nearby.
  by cle
so Delco Lead was in the Biden handout, but the station wasn't mentioned. Is that because it's for NJT and not Amtrak specifically... ? Or it's not planned at all? Or dependency-based?
  by lensovet
The projects don't really have anything to do with each other, so they aren't going to be funded at the same time either. The only reason for North Brunswick to exist is to support a transit village that's being built at the former J&J site. That development is allowed to build up to 400 housing units before a station is built, and final plans for the last phase of that initial development were submitted last year.

Delco lead is a resiliency project that serves the entire corridor, not just a single housing development.

I'm not seeing any particular "reverse commute" pattern in NJT's timetable, the convenience of Jersey Ave trains for NJT is that they can be turned halfway down the corridor easily due to the yard being there. Until the loop is built, that is still going to be the case.

The two stations are about 3 miles apart from each other on the corridor. The new station is at approximately 2300 US-1 N, North Brunswick, NJ. I'll let you use your favorite mapping provider to see for yourself how far away it is on the map from Jersey Ave.
  by lensovet
ApproachMedium wrote: Wed Feb 15, 2023 11:36 pm I think you guys are all missing the point here. This platform is being put in to EXTEND current JERSEY AVE service. Nothing to do with trenton service!!!

The trains stopping here will be anything that currently stops at Jersey ave. The trains terminating in jersey ave will return to the yard the way they came. Theres a bigger part to this project that includes electrifying the Delco lead and completely replacing the jersey ave station as we know it as well as the yard.
Ah this post confused me.

Indeed, existing Jersey Avenue trains (not the station itself) will probably be extended to North Brunswick, which will operationally become what Jersey Ave is today. Service patterns will not appreciably change, the trains will simply go one extra stop south. Jersey Ave will probably get a platform similar to North Brunswick which will be an island platform on the west side of the corridor.

I'm going to attempt to detangle the mess of threads later today.
  by R36 Combine Coach
Will Jersey Avenue end up with full time reverse PM and weekend service?
  by lensovet
Keeping in mind that this is all speculation based on construction plans and not anything actually proposed or announced by NJT…

Reverse PM, almost certainly not.

Weekend service maybe, as 1,875 residential units located within walking distance of the new station, as well as lower congestion on the corridor during weekend days, could potentially incentivize NJT to draw up operational plans that would entail doing a full crossing of the corridor at least once an hour.
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