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  by DutchRailnut
from employee newsletter.
A dozen M-1-series cars were taken out of service recently, paving the way for additional state of the art M-7's. The recent reduction in our M-1 fleet leaves about 158 of the 1970 vintage cars still running on our Hudson and Harlem lines. Plans call for the retired M-1's to be prepped for removal to a location in Pennsylvania, where they will be scrapped. Also beginning next month our 58 ACMU's which run on the Harlem and Hudson Lines will start to head for the scrapheap as well. These ACMU's were originaly built for NYC RR in the 1960's

  by mncommuter
Are these dozen M-1s the only M-1s being retired?
Or are more headed for the scrap heap, along with the ACMUs?

  by DutchRailnut
this is whats happening now, more are to follow.

  by Robert Paniagua
<j/k>maybe they'll save a few for some museums, that would be nice<j/k>

  by Nasadowsk
Given recent history? I wouldn't hold too much hope. There are few complete LIRR MP-54s, non operable.

Railfans drive the museum push, and railfans in the US generally can't stomach electrics or MUs.

Seriously? I'd love to see the first 4 MN M-1s and the first 4 LIRR M-1s preserved, along with a few ACMUs. Given the history of preservation, since they weren't made by Alco or Baldwin, they don't puff smoke in any real form (unless broken!), they'll be junk.

  by emfinite
I coincidentally saw LIRR's first M-1 AND M-7 set today within 15 minutes of each other, 9001/002 and 7001/002.

  by KFRG
PA? I thought the whole reason the LIRR cars were headed to Mexico had to do with absestos removal.
It's sad to think none of these car's will be preserved. Well, we still have the M-3's at least.