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Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by rrbluesman
My wife and I are getting ready to take holiday in New York and are renting an Airbnb in newark, New Jersey. We are going to be in walking distance of Newark Broad Street Station and commuting back and forth to New York Penn via Newark Broad for all but one trip. One trip we are going to have to make into New York via Newark penn. If I buy a weekly pass ahead of time for New York broad to New York Penn will that be valid for the one trip we need to make from Newark Penn to New York penn?

  by lensovet
I can't speak about personal experience, but your weekly ticket allows you to ride the light rail between Penn and Broad at no extra cost. It's also a pretty short distance.

A monthly would definitely allow this as it's zone-based.
ED: The NJT M&E Timetable shows that a Weekly Pass between NY Penn Station and Newark-Broad Street
is $46.50 - The Valid period is 12:01 AM Saturday (Late Friday Night) to 6:00 AM on the following Saturday...
There may be Bus/Light Rail zones that a Weekly Rail Pass may cover printed on the Pass...
This will cover unlimited rides for the 7 day valid period between NYP and both NWK/NKB...

The One Way fare between NYP and both Newark Penn and Newark Broad Street is $5.25...
One Way Tickets are good until used and do not expire but are not refundable...

The "equivalent" fare will be $4.65 meaning that you would have to use this Pass for at least NINE rides to
break even on the cost provided that a Saturday to Friday Weekly Pass will work for you...

It is TEN miles from New York Penn Station to Newark Penn Station as example...MACTRAXX
  by rrbluesman
We will be making a round trip Newark to NYP all four days of our trip, the NJT website says the weekly pass is also valid on one zone bus fares and all light rail, I expect we will be using the bus to get about Newark. At a glance the weekly pass makes sense for us if it is applicable at both Newark railroad stations.
  by checkmatechamp13
Unfortunately this is probably too late for your question, but yes, a weekly pass from Newark Broad to NY Penn is also valid from Newark Penn to NY Penn. They are in the same fare zone (fare zone 2). Similarly, an Elizabeth - NY Penn pass (Zone 5) can also be used to South Orange, Clifton, Plauderville, or Anderson Street (Hackensack). The conductor might double-check to make sure you got on the right train, but they will accept your ticket/pass.

In any case, if you're not comfortable with using the ticket to the opposite station in Newark, you can also just use the bus or light rail to get between the two stations in Downtown Newark. (Note that going to Newark Airport, there are extra fees involved because they program the AirTrain fee into the ticket...you're better off going to Newark Penn Station and taking the #62 bus, or going to Newark Broad Street and taking the go28 bus to the airport).
  by lensovet
"Better" is of course subjective, as the bus can get delayed by traffic both on the way to the airport and at the airport itself, whereas the train (including the AirTrain) has no such issues. I've never taken these buses personally but if they are just regular NJT buses, they are not exactly designed for large luggage either.