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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by bwparker1
There are, I have seen them both, hence my question for clarification.

  by Matt Langworthy
At least two competing steamboat companies served Penn Yan during the later 1800s- the Keuka Lake Navigation Company and the Crooked Laked Navigation Company. There was bitter rivalry betwen the two companies, including disputes over docking piers- which may have led NYC to build a 2nd pier. This is just speculation, but two piers (one on each side of Keuka Lake Outlet) probably allowed NYC to capture business from both companies without the being caught between the rival steamboat crews.
  by lbagg91833
A little added info re the BRANCH. I haven't been able to locate my SIDE TRACK SKETCHES book, but the ETT shows the branch ending at M.P. 6.5. Last HI-RAIL trip I made in 1966, I remember crossing one bridge just before entering PEN YAN. and then setting the HI-RAIL car off within the BIRKETT MILLS complex. The track we used to set-off, was the "CONNECTOR" to the PRR BR, and used to interchange with same. Didn't go to the EOT, so can't comment re that elusive "second bridge"....regds LARRY BAGGERLY BTW: The last OH wire restriction was for LAKE KEUKA SALES side track.

  by bwparker1
Thanks Larry. There is def. is a second bridge, it is still there but past Birkett Mills. Next time I am Penn Yan. I'll do some scouting for the so called connector track. It was/is news to me that the PRR and NYC ever connected in Penn Yan. There has to be some grade involved in the connection and I would assume therefore there would still be evidence of such a connector.


  by RSD15
I located a PRR track map of the area and it shows a connector or spur near PennYan.this track comes off from a block station called BELL north of PennYan.it runs south on the west side of the PRR to some where near the NYC bridge.the map is from 1941 so i don`t know how much help this will be.


  by bwparker1
Please scan and post if possible, or maybe email if you cannot post.

  by lbagg91833
In reflecting on this quandry, I suspect the answer is no doubt in the MILEPOSTS....The BRANCH ends at M.P. 6.46, and MTCE quit at that marker. PENN YAN station was at M.P.6.04, so the distances ought to answer the question. regds LARRY B

  by NYC-BKO
Been following this with interest since I do not know the area, I have looked at the maps and replies, etc. Am I to understand Birkett Mills is on the south side of the outlet at Main St.? The NYC entered on the north side, right, then crossed a bridge to the south side into Birkett Mills, right? Since Larry stated he crossed a bridge into the mill complex and got off the track on the connector/interchange track there would have had to been a PRR bridge also it it came from the north. I think you are looking in the wrong place, by the maps. On Russ's topo map on this page there is a gentle grade from where I assume the mill is up to the south side of the PRR bridge and it shows a siding there too! I think the connector went up that ravine to the south side. Just my theory and guess since the north side looks too steep. Hope this adds some light to this inigma.
  by CPSD40-2
Birkett Mills is on the North side of the outlet, right at Main St.

  by bwparker1
See this map

Looking at this again, I am not sure how these two rr's possibly connected...

lbagg: Are you sure there was a connection between the PRR and NYC Dresden branch? It just seems there is no where that this track could have run?


  by bwparker1

See this image I just crafted in Paint.

The red track is PRR, running over a trestle at a significant height above the NYC tracks below in blue. The blue follows the two bridges I described in an earlier post, the further east bridge still in use as a pedestrian bridge, the west bridge totally abandoned but with the track still in place. I have drawn a question mark near a building on the north side of the outlet that I have always wondered about its connection to the rail service that ran by, as this is where the second bridge carried the NYC track that either terminated at this building or continued on to the edge of the lake on the north side. The other spur in blue ran along the south side to the current location of the Carey's rental facility.

The yellow track would have been a spur to serve Birkett Mills.

The Green is the only possible alignment that could have existed for a connector between the PRR and NYC, especially as late as 1950's. I just wonder how it worked given the steep grade it would have had to travel. I added another green line that ran out to the east away from Birkett Mills. Given the location of homes etc. this line seems more like a feasible connector, but would have run away from Birkett Mills, which doesn't match the rearly descriptions of how the tracks connected.


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  by CPSD40-2
Been a while since I've been down there to poke around - but if you look at the grades that the Lehigh Valley had in connecting with the NYC in Geneva, it coudl be possible.

Also, on the same NYC Penn Yan Branch, where it originates, wasn't there a very steep grade from whats now the Corning Secondary down into the ravine? If I remember right, you can still see that grade pretty easily.

  by bwparker1
They built a new Route 14 bridge over the gorge there, so the original grade from the current Corning secondary to the rail trail is difficult to interpret with the earth work that went on for the new bridge.

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